Monday Morning Mailbag

Posted Mar 15, 2010

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I've been hearing rumors about CBs Phillip Buchanon and Lito Sheppard. Personally, I like Sheppard better even though I know he is coming off his worst season. Do you think we are shooting to sign a veteran DB such as these two and draft a 1st-round CB? Also with the drama in Philly with head coach Andy Reid wanting to keep Donovan McNabb and the organization perhaps wanting to keep Kevin Kolb, what are our chances of acquiring Kolb? He seems like a promising prospect.

--- Alec D., Brooklyn Park, MN

The chances of acquiring Kolb seem pretty slim for the Vikings, especially considering is the QB of the future for Philadelphia and considering the price tag associated with prying him away from the Eagles.

As for the veteran CB, I guess it wouldn’t surprise me to see the Vikings sign one over the next couple of weeks. Re-signing Benny Sapp was important for the Vikings because he brings stability and experience to the secondary. Phillip Buchanon doesn’t do a whole lot for me and I’ve not heard any rumblings about Lito Sheppard.

The Vikings certainly won’t hesitate to take a CB in the draft.

How would a guy like Tim Tebow fit in to the Vikings system? He seems to be a leader and with all the playmakers in the Vikings organization, would he fit in and do you think the Vikings could draft him?

-- Zach, Ramsey, MN

I think Tebow can be a good player in the NFL, and good football players can fit into any system. However, I have some reservations about the Vikings drafting Tebow. He is a developmental prospect and I don’t think that gives him much of a shot at helping the Vikings out anytime soon. In theory, the Vikings could draft Tebow anyway and have him learn from the bench for a few years, but I think a team other than the Vikings will be willing to use an early-round pick on him.

Are the Vikings considering any changes to the offensive line? It seems to me Favre was man handledand sacked alot last season.

-- Lisa C., West Hartford, CT

The Vikings allowed 34 sacks in 2009, which ranked in a tie with 4 other teams for 15th most. So giving up sacks wasn’t a huge problem. Also remember that some of the sacks and hits to Favre last season were the result of Favre holding onto the ball longer than he should. Granted, Favre holding onto the ball longer than he should allows him to make the great plays he makes, but it also puts him in situations where he is forced to absorb hits.

With that being said, I don’t see any changes to the starting lineup along the offensive line. But with Artis Hicks going to the Redskins and with Ryan Cook status somewhat uncertain, the Vikings will need to add some bodies to the roster for depth.

I think the draft is the #1 place for the Vikings to look. They should be able to add a good player or two during the draft that has some long-term development potential. Also, I’m sure the Vikings will be able to find some undrafted rookie free agents that may be able to fill out the depth chart.

Jamarca Sanford impressed me with the limited opportunities that he was given. In my opinion he outplayed both Madieu Williams and Tyrell Johnson. Was his lack of playing time a result of a perceived weakness in range? He seems to be a very sound tackler and big hitter. If he continues to develop, I hope he gets an opportunity to start.

-- Chris, Eden Prairie

I agree, Chris, Sanford impressed me during his rookie campaign, too. I don’t know that I can say he outplayed Johnson and Williams, but he was impressive, especially if you consider he was a 7th round draft pick. As we head to the 2010 season, I hope Sanford continues to impress the coaching staff and I hope plans are made that will allow him more defensive snaps.

The reason he didn’t play more on defense during the 2009 season was because of Johnson and Williams but also because he played in so many special teams phases.