Monday Morning Mailbag

Posted Apr 5, 2010

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So I'm checking out an article on written by Pat Kirwan talking about the large market that exists for Tim Tebow.He goes into how Tebow needs to stay out of the headlines, have little pressure, and have the organization look at him as a developmental tool.How likely are the Vikings to attempt to grab him up with their 2nd round pick if he's still hanging around?No one can argue that so far this guy has been nothing but a winner.
-- Josh M., Tea, SD

Without sitting in draft meetings or asking someone within the personnel department specifically about Tebow, it’s hard to know exactly how the Vikings feel about him. If we operate under the assumption that the Vikings don’t feel great about Tebow, then I don’t think they’ll touch him at all, regardless of how far he falls in the draft. But, if we operate under the assumption that the Vikings do like Tebow, I think the likelihood of the team taking him with their 2nd round pick (if he’s still available) is high. There are 3 reasons I think this:

1) As Josh indicated, Tebow was a winner in college. His productivity was high and he already has a rapport with Percy Harvin.

2) This particular coaching staff’s history and background in developing QBs. Head Coach Brad Childress and QBs coach Kevin Rogers have worked with QBs for nearly all of their coaching careers and they each had a significant role in Donovan McNabb’s career and development. Also, offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell was a QB in college and has coached Brett Favre at the NFL level in both Green Bay and Minnesota. So this particular staff is certainly more inclined to draft a “project” at QB than other coaching staffs.

3) Speaking of Favre, the idea of having a young, developmental QB such as Tebow sitting and learning behind #4 is an attractive one.

Again, I don’t know what the market is for Tebow and I also don’t know if the Vikings like Tebow. We’ll find out in a few weeks.

Is there any chance of the Vikings drafting RB Toby Gerhart in the 2nd-to-3rd round and would it be a wise choice? I know he doesn’t have the best speed but he has the ability to knock players down.

-- Marty, Owatonna, MN

I actually spent some time with Gerhart at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis last month and I was impressed with what I heard from him. He’s another player who was productive in college (he was a Heisman Trophy finalist this past season). He’s also a very good character guy and will fit in any kind of NFL locker room environment.

As is the case with Tebow, I don’t know what the Vikings personnel department and coaching staff thinks of Gerhart on the field. But, even if they did like him, I don’t know that he’d be a good choice for the Vikings in the 2nd round. As Marty indicated in his question, Gerhart is more of a power back and with the team moving Darius Reynaud to RB and giving Albert Young a serious chance to win the RB2 job, it seems the Vikings are in search of a more versatile and nimble RB to complement Adrian Peterson. RBs in this year’s draft that fit that mold include Cal’s Jahvid Best, Fresno State’s Ryan Matthews and Ole Miss’ Dexter McCluster.

With all of that being said, maybe the Vikings really like Gerhart as a complement to Peterson, and if that’s the case then I can see the Purple using their 2nd round pick to grab him.

Mike, the following questions deal with newly-signed DE Michael Montgomery. What is your overall assessment of Montgomery? Do you see him beating out Jayme Mitchell and Brian Robison?

-- Paul H., Denver, CO

My overall assessment of Montgomery is that he’s a great fit in Minnesota because of his size – 6-5, 282 pounds – age (26 years old) and versatility (he can play DE or DT). I see him playing DT on 1st and 2nd down and then also sliding outside to play DE on passing downs. I’m not sure on his ability to play special teams. It’s also nice to have a former Packer on the roster – a little bit of knowledge won’t hurt.

The main concern with Montgomery is injury. He’s played in just 24 regular season games over the past 2 seasons and he’s actually never played all 16 games in a season. When he does play, though, he’s effective and versatile.

I see both Montgomery and Robison being in the rotation this year along the defensive line and I also think this acquisition has Mitchell on the outside looking in. But, also remember that we’re in the middle of the offseason so Mitchell will have the opportunity to make the 2010 team.

I’ve seen that RB Marion Barber III is on the trading block.Do you think the Vikings would be interestedin trading for him? I think he has what it takes tobe a goodbackwith Adrian Peterson being that Barberis in a 3-back situation with the Cowboys.

-- Brandon K., St. Michael, MN

I don’t think the Vikings are interested in acquiring Barber to complement Peterson. I think the Vikings should go younger in the pursuit of a 2nd RB and I also think the cost to acquire Barber via trade and then the additional cost of honoring the terms of his contract are just too much to justify going after the former Golden Gopher.