Monday Morning Mailbag

Posted Feb 22, 2010

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Hi Mike, what are the chances the Vikings look to sign Chad Pennington or Marc Bulger? Both QBs are good, but under-appreciated so they won’t cost much money. When he's healthy, Penningtonis a great QB and would do wellwith our great offensive weapons. And even though everyone has forgotten about Bulger, he is also a good QB. Think back to the days in St. Louis with Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce at WR - Bulger put up good numbers and with our offensive talent, he would also do well in Minnesota. What are the odds we sign one of them?
-- Debby B.

Without knowing how our coaches, personnel staff and scouts feel about either player, it’s tough for me to put a percentage on the chances of the Vikings acquiring one of the QBs mentioned above. But with both Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels on the roster, and with Brett Favre ’s pending status, I’d be surprised if either Bulger or Pennington were acquired by the Vikings.

If we were to operate under the assumption that another QB will be added to the roster before the 2010 season, my money would be on that player being either a draft pick this April or an undrafted rookie free agent.

Hey Mike, we’ve been reading you for a few years now and like how you break things down for us. I remember the 2007 draft when people were saying that the Vikings were going to select Brady Quinn and they got Adrian Peterson instead. Now, I hear that Brady could be available. Could the Vikings possibly get him?

-- Tom S., Billings, MT

Possibly? Yes, anything is a possibility. But just as acquiring Bulger or Pennington would surprise me, trading for Quinn would surprise me as well – for 2 reasons.

First, I expect the Browns will keep Quinn and groom him to be their long-term answer as a starting QB, thus making him unavailable to acquire. Secondly, the Vikings would be required to surrender a healthy compensation package in order to acquire Quinn, and that’s not something I see the Vikings being interested in doing.

Any rumors or thoughts about the Vikings going out and trying to acquire an All-Pro middle LB or a big name D-lineman (if Pat Williams retires)?

-- Kevin G., Sioux Falls, SD

All-Pro players are hard to acquire. It's not as simple as deciding you need one and then going to the supermarket to pick one up. On top of that, remember that 2010 is the Final League Year (an uncapped year) and the rules of free agency in the Final League Year put strict restrictions on the ability of the final 4 teams (Colts, Jets, Saints, Vikings) to acquire free agents.

I expect the Vikings will address either or both DT and LB in this year’s draft. It seems as if Pat will be back for 2010 and hopefully E.J. Henderson will be, too, but the Vikings will surely consider acquiring depth for both positions and also prepare for the time when both Pat and E.J. are no longer options (which hopefully isn’t for a while).

What do you think the chances are of the Minnesota Vikings becoming the Los Angeles Vikings? I can't imagine Minnesota without the Vikings, but I am getting awfully scared watching what the outcome will be after their lease ends in the Mall of America Field (Metrodome). Thanks!
-- Ian H., Duluth, MN

I don’t know what the exact answer is here, but the chances are certainly greater than 0%. The state of Minnesota and the Vikings must continue to move forward and progress in finding a long-term stadium solution for the team. Only a long-term stadium solution will keep the Vikings here – playing in the Metrodome is not a long-term option for this team.

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