Monday Morning Mailbag

Posted Feb 4, 2013

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Just wanted to say it's a great day to be a Vikings fan. Cris Carter makes it into the Hall of Fame and hours later Adrian Peterson wins the MVP award! So glad for both of them!
-- Derek S.

Saturday was a historically significant day for the Vikings, no question. Peterson becomes just the third Vikings player to win the MVP award, joining defensive tackle Alan Page (1971) and quarterback Fran Tarkenton (1975), and Carter becomes just the 11th Vikings player to enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It’s not often a franchise sees one of its players win the MVP award and it’s not often a franchise has one of its former players go into the Hall of Fame. The Vikings saw both happen on the same day.

First off, congrats to what Adrian Peterson and Cris Carter pulled off this weekend. Just mentioning their names makes me proud to be a Vikings fan. Secondly, maybe I am just a bit partial, but why wasn't Harrison Smith even in the running for defensive rookie of the year? I watched every game this season, and he made play after play. He may have not led the League in tackles, but he was always in there. By far one of my favorite rookies in a long time.
-- Dakota K.
Newport, MI

I had the same thought on Saturday night as I was watching/following the NFL Honors awards show. Luke Kuechly won the award, and was a deserving winner after starting all 16 games as a rookie, switching from outside linebacker to middle linebacker five games into the season and then finishing the season with 164 tackles. And there were several worthy candidates behind Kuechly, from Casey Hayward, to Janoris Jenkins, to Bobby Wagner. But I agree with Dakota – Smith had the kind of season requisite of being included in that group. He tied for first on the team with three interceptions and returned two of them for touchdowns, he was second on the team with 123 tackles and fourth on the team with 11 pass break ups.

Saturday was a great day for the Vikings with Carter being elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Peterson taking home Offensive Player of the Year and MVP honors, so there isn’t much to complain about. But it’s also fair to wonder why Smith wasn’t included in this category.

What are the chances the Vikings might take a shot on Tyrann Mathieu in the 2013 NFL Draft? I feel like he could improve secondary even more and serve as an excellent kickoff and/or punt returner.
-- Zach W.
Shorewood, MN

This is a question that will be applicable to every NFL team leading up to the draft, not just the Vikings. Mathieu was one of the top players in college football in 2011. He was a consensus All-America and a finalist for the Heisman Trophy. But off-field issues forced LSU to dismiss him from the team, and now he’s entering the 2013 NFL Draft as an underclassman. Mathieu has the ability and skill as a defensive back and a returner that should transition to the NFL well, but all teams have to ask themselves if his off-field issues overshadow his ability to contribute on the field.

It’s difficult to know what the chances are of any team taking him or at what point in the draft he’ll be selected. Teams are in the process of researching and discussing this issue right now, and they probably won’t make their ultimate decision until much closer to the draft in April.

First and foremost, congratulations to AP! My question is: What is the difference between what Cary Williams from Baltimore did in the Super Bowl during their fight and what Harrison Smith did in the Tennessee game? If you watch the replay, you clearly see that Williams (#29) shoves the ref out of his way so he could try to get back into the fight. Why wasn't he ejected or even penalized?
-- Thomas A.
Pierre, SD

Thomas appears to be right. What Williams did in the Super Bowl on Sunday night appears to be the same thing Smith did in the Vikings game against Tennessee. Yet Williams was not ejected or even penalized from the game, while Smith was indeed ejected. Perhaps the magnitude of the moment caused the officials to refrain from kicking a player out? I’m not sure, but the same thought crossed my mind as soon as I saw Williams shove the referee. Smith was ejected for doing the exact same thing, yet Williams was allowed to continue playing and, in fact, wasn’t even penalized.

It’s hard for the officials to catch everything, and going back and looking at things in slow motion makes it very easy to second-guess the decisions officials have to make without the luxury of slow-motion replay.

Just gotta say how absolutely overjoyed I am that Adrian Peterson was named the NFL’s MVP. I don’t think there will ever be another player that I enjoy, admire, or respect more than Adrian. Huge congratulations to AP. Love that dude.
-- Rob (West Coast Viking)