Monday Morning Mailbag

Posted May 24, 2010

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I am personally a big fan of CB Asher Allen. In the limited playing time he received last year, I thought he was quite impressive for a 21 year-old rookie. With the additions of free agent Lito Sheppard and 2nd round draft pick Chris Cook, how do you see the rotation of cornerbacks working out for the 2010 season?
-- Max M., Edina, MN

This is a good question and one that will be answered with activities such as OTAs, mandatory minicamp in June and then training camp later this summer. The defensive coaches and Head Coach Brad Childress will look at the defensive tape of these preseason activities to see who is performing well. Part of this decision will be attrition - who can stay healthy? And part of it will also be versatility - who can also contribute on special teams? Lots of time to figure it all out.

I am a Viking fan who lives in Georgia. My parents also live here and have had season tickets to the Vikings for the past 15 years. It would be awful if they couldn't pass the vote for the new stadium. There are only 31 cities that have an NFL team. Think about the future. Please remind all the fans how important it is to have an NFL team. There are always going to have to be taxes paid for something, why not something that brings enjoyment and also profit for Minnesota? I don't have much power here, but I have sent a few emails and made some calls to Governor Pawlenty. Don't give up Viking fans!
-- Stephanie, Woodstock, GA

Thanks for the support, Stephanie. I think you made some good points and you also hit on the thing that all Vikings and stadium supporters should remember – send emails and call your representatives to voice your opinion.

How is Everson Griffen doing so far in OTAs? How is his technique and is there anything that stands out? I know it’s too early to tell, but is he good as advertised?
-- Carl, Elk Grove, CA

You’re right in that it’s too early to tell what kind of player Griffen is going to be for the Vikings. To be honest I really haven’t spent much time speaking with him or observing him during OTAs, so the jury is still out in my book. I will say, though, that I saw him spending time after practice with DE Brian Robison and a couple of assistant coaches. The knock on Griffen was that there would be flashes of brilliance from him but that there would also be times in games where he would disappear. So spending extra time working with veterans and assistant coaches is a good sign that Griffen is trying to improve and take every chance he can to get better at the NFL level.

Ultimately it is too early to tell and we really won’t even know after the mandatory minicamp in June. I think we’ll have a better idea in late August, once we get a couple of preseason games under our belt and we see him live and in action.

Do you think that Joe Webb will be able to make the 53-man roster? If we let him go to the practice squad, chances are another team will scoop him up just because of pure athleticism and ability. I think that he should make the roster just because of his high ceiling of potential as an athlete. Where do you think the Vikings stand with Webb?
-- Joe H.

As I just mentioned with Griffen, I think it’s too early to make a determination on how the Vikings feel about him and whether he’ll make the team or not. The first issue that must be sorted out is, what position will he play? Head Coach Brad Childress said last week that Webb has the aptitude to play QB, but the Vikings have 4 other QBs (including Favre) already on the roster. Webb played WR in college and could project to be a WR in the NFL, too, but he’ll need some polishing before he can contribute during the regular season. So there are a lot of ways this one could go and it’s far too early to make an educated guess.

This issue has been discussed before, but do you see any free agents still available who could help shore up the offensive line? While not a dire need, it does appear to be one of the weak spots (the other being safety) on the team. Other than briefly showing some interest in Chester Pitts (and drafting unheralded Chris DeGeare in round 5), the coaching staff appears to be treating this as a non-issue.
-- Tom H., Washington, DC

I don’t agree the staff is treating this as a non-issue. There are 14 undrafted OL at OTAs right now who are potential additions plus there’s a chance the team looks to add Pitts before training camp. I would support the addition of Pitts to add depth and competition, I like the chances of DeGeare developing into a contributor and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the undrafted players makes the team to add depth.