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Posted Jan 31, 2011

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With the news of the Philadelphia Eagles more than likely tagging Mike Vick as a franchise player, do you think the Vikings will go after a QB like Kevin Kolb since he has said that he wants to be traded if Vick is that starter? Also I just wanted to say I loved watching AP and Winfield play well yesterday in the Pro Bowl. SKOL VIKING NATION!!
-- Dan B.
Sterling, IL

The first thing to remember about this is that unless and until a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is reached, teams will be unable to acquire Kolb or any other player via trade. And, even if a new CBA is reached, that might not happen until deep into the summer. That would mean that teams could be reluctant to trade for a starting QB at that point because the new QB wouldn’t have a sufficient amount of time to learn the offense.

Even if the Vikings were able to navigate through those hurdles, I still think acquiring Kolb will be a tough task to accomplish for a couple reasons. First of all, it won’t cost the Eagles much to keep him as their backup in 2011 ($1.4 million), which makes him a great insurance policy behind Vick, who tends to miss multiple games each year. Second of all, the Vikings could have a tough time putting together the right package to send to Philadelphia in exchange for Kolb. Let’s say the cost includes a 2nd-round pick in this year’s draft. The Vikings have already traded away their 3rd-round pick, so trading away the 2nd-round pick (plus other picks Philadelphia would surely as for) would deplete the franchise’s stock of draft picks for 2011.

I am posing this question because I have noticed that almost every coach on the staff has changed. With so many coaching changes, how do they all mesh in such a short period of time to get themselves and the entire player roster to mesh and believe in their different philosophies?  What direction are we heading?  We used to be an Adrian Peterson-led team until we acquired Brett Favre.  Are we heading back to our running ways, or are we going to develop our team around a new QB?
-- BK

Actually it’s not accurate to say that “almost every coach on the staff has changed” because several position coaches from last year’s staff will remain on the staff in 2011. The Vikings retained their defensive coordinator (Fred Pagac), DL coach (Karl Dunbar), DBs coach (Joe Woods), TEs coach (Jimmie Johnson) and WRs coach (George Stewart). In addition to that, many other assistant coaches have remained on staff, which will help with continuity as Leslie Frazier breaks in a few new coaches.

Most of the changes to the staff did occur on offense, though, with the positions of offensive coordinator, offensive line coach, QBs coach and RBs coach featuring new individuals (other new additions included special teams coordinator – Mike Priefer – and LBs coach – Mike Singletary).

But I digress. To get back to the question, it’s clear to me that coach Frazier has made finding a young QB a priority. With that being said, there’s no question in my mind that Frazier is intent on getting the Vikings back to the basics of being a team that excels at running the football and stopping the run. That’s the type of team he seems to want to mold.

Have you heard anything surrounding Donovan McNabb and the possibility of him playing for Minnesota next season?
-- Adam W.
Devils Lake, ND

No, I haven’t picked up on any chatter regarding a union between McNabb and the Vikings. I think that was a more prevailing thought in previous years with Brad Childress as head coach in Minnesota, but obviously that’s not the case anymore, so I think the McNabb-to-Minnesota rumblings will vanish.

I am excited for the Vikings next season. Without Brett Favre, there is a lot of speculation about who will be the QB for the Vikings for the 2011 season. How likely would it be that the Vikings will get Donovan McNabb (having troubles with the Redskins), Vince Young (could be let go by the Titans) or another QB from another team? Or will we stick with Joe Webb, since it's most likely that Tarvaris Jackson may be let go as well?
-- Aaron
Fridley MN

A couple of things to clarify from the question. The answer to the question above takes care of the McNabb idea. With Webb, it’s not a matter of the Vikings “sticking with Webb.” He’ll be under contract and will be a part of the Vikings offensive plan for 2011 and beyond, perhaps at QB but also in other roles given how versatile he was as a college player. And as for Jackson, his contract expires and my guess is that he’ll want to take a look at the free agent market and see what else is out there.

Prevailing thought is that the Tennessee Titans will indeed release Young and I think there will be a market for his services. I don’t know if the Vikings have interest in Young or not, but I know that many will link Young to Minnesota because Tennessee’s former QBs and RBs coach – Craig Johnson – is the Vikings new QBs coach. Now, Johnson having worked with Young previously does not automatically mean he’ll want to bring Young aboard in Minnesota, but it does mean that he’ll have a valuable opinion in the decision-making process regarding Young.

Ultimately I think the Vikings will focus much of their efforts on finding a QB in this year’s draft. If you asked NFL coaches and scouts, they’d tell you that the preferred route of finding a QB is to invest in one during the draft and groom him to be your starter.

What do you think about the Vikings drafting QB Ricky Stanzi from Iowa? Do you think he could fit in our system well? If not, who do you see as being the Vikings QB in 2011-12?
--Dante C.
Roberts, WI

I’m not comfortable declaring that Stanzi does or does not fit well into the Vikings offensive system because I’m still uncertain as to what that offensive system will be. With new offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave in the fold, there’s a very good chance the offense will be fundamentally different from what we’ve seen in the last 4 seasons.

With that being said, I am comfortable saying that I think Stanzi has a chance to be an NFL starter. He won a lot of games at the University of Iowa and he played the game with a competitiveness and zeal that I like. I think whichever team selects him in the draft will watch him come to camp and compete his tail off.  

Do you think that the Vikings would look at QB Adam Weber of the Minnesota Golden Gophers? He didn’t win many games his senior year, but he put up what I think to be pretty impressive numbers.  He went 205 of 368 for 2,679 yards with 20 TDs and 9 INTs (passer rating of 129.90). I’m not sure where he’s going to fall in this year’s draft, but I’m sure it will not be in the 1st round. He had a lot of college experience and seemed very trainable. I think he could be a decent fit with the Vikings. -- Matthew G.
Winona, MN

I can assure you Weber will not be selected in the 1st round and I actually wouldn’t be surprised to see him go undrafted. But, it’s interesting Matthew brings Weber up because there’s actually a big part of me that hopes he winds up as an invite to Vikings camp this spring/summer. Some of the same things that I like about Stanzi I also like about Weber. I also think some of Weber’s positive traits were either hidden or de-emphasized because of the lack of success the Gophers had as a team.