Monday Morning Mailbag

Posted May 17, 2010

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When will the Vikings start signing their draft picks? Any thoughts on a time table? Also, will Ryan Perrilloux be signed around that same time frame, or do you think the Vikings have verylittle interest in him?

-- Carl K., Huntington, IN

The signing of draft picks across the NFL is something that usually takes a little while to start happening, but once the first couple sign then they all fall like dominos. A lot of the process is slotted, where players selected higher in the draft sign first and then the player selected earlier follow suit. I would expect that once we get into the early part of June you’ll start to see players sign contracts.

As for Perrilloux, I don’t anticipate the Vikings will sign him. If they did, it could happen anytime between now and the start of camp. Because he was an undrafted player, he doesn’t fall into the slotting process I described above.

Is there a reason why the Vikings have not pursued LB Antonio Pierce?

-- Jared H.

The Vikings evaluate and discuss every player that’s available on the market, so I’m sure there is a reason the Vikings haven’t pursued Pierce. Because Pierce has been a starting middle LB since 2004 and because the Vikings have E.J. Henderson coming back from injury, I can see why some might see Pierce as a good fit with the Vikings. But there’s more that goes into acquiring a player than just matching up positions. My guess is that the neck injury that Pierce suffered last year that caused him to miss half the season along with him being 31 years old are a couple of factors that cause hesitation on the Vikings part. But there could be other reasons the 2 sides haven’t gotten together, too. It could be that the Vikings reached out to him and he either demanded a salary that the Vikings didn’t feel comfortable with or Pierce just wasn’t interested in being here. There are many potential reasons why Pierce hasn’t been linked to the Vikings.

Sidney Rice is an outstanding WR. Are the Vikings working on a new contract for him? I would love to see him with the team for a long time.

-- Jorge C., Tijuana, Mexico

I’m sure extending Rice is a priority for the Vikings front office but I don’t expect any movement on that front until the owners and the players’ union reach a new agreement on a CBA. The most recent CBA expired this offseason and I don’t think you’ll see the Vikings extend any current players until we have some more clarity on what will happen in the future.

I’m curious how things are coming with Percy Harvin and his migraines? I’m not sure what is all being tested, but I’m sure it’s a lot.

-- Adam H.

It sounds as if Harvin’s migraines have continued during the offseason, but it also sounds as if doctors have found a plan to deal with them. This is something Harvin can speak to himself the next time he meets with reporters, so I don’t want to put words in his mouth. This is also something he’s dealt with for most of his life, so I think they have a pretty good idea of what causes them and how to deal with it.

I don't understand how people can say Toby Gerhart is a very similar RB to Adrian Peterson. Toby is a downhill thumper and doesn't have the speed or elusiveness that Adrian has. Two years agoeverything I read seemed to say that Chester and Adrian were too similar andthe Vikings were criticized for having Chester on the field on 3rd downs because they were taking their best player (Adrian) off the field.Now that Chester left for Chicago, all I read is that we don't have a 3rd down back and Toby doesn't fill that role.I agree that Toby doesn't fill that role, but Adrian does.He proved last year that he can catch passes out of the backfield, protect the passer and is great in the screen game as well.Toby can come in to spell Adrian on 1st and 2nd downs and can run for short yardage in 3rd and short situations.Not only that, but he catches the ball out of the backfield better than people give him credit for. I was hoping the Vikings would draft Toby because I look at him as a great change of pace back compared to Adrian. Look at the success the Giants had with Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward 2 years ago. I think it is a great addition and we may have a better one-two punch than last year from the standpoint ofpurely running the ball. Am I crazy or does this make sense? Thanks for listening.

-- Brian, Sioux Falls, SD

Amen! Your argument makes complete sense and it is the same argument I’ve made on the website several times. I totally agree with you.

What is the current status of Ray Edwards’ contract talks?

-- Alyssa K.

I’m not sure if there are talks going on. The Vikings offered Edwards a contract (a 1-year RFA tender) and he hasn’t signed it yet. I expect he’ll sign by June 14.