Mock Madness 2.0

Posted Mar 25, 2010

For the 3rd consecutive year, is feeding off of college basketball’s March Madness by creating a weekly feature titled “Mock Madness” that will track the draft opinions of several prognosticators.

Mock Madness 1.0 was unveiled last week and this week Mock Madness 2.0 is ready to go.

Though the draft is still several weeks away, now is the time to speculate about which teams will take which players. Will the Rams take QB Sam Bradford with the 1st overall pick? Or will they choose between blue-chip DTs Gerald McCoy and Ndamukong Suh? Which highly-regarded players will slide and who will be the surprise early selection? Most importantly, who will the Vikings take with pick #30?

While no one can provide a concrete answer to those questions just yet, plenty of NFL followers will certainly take a guess. And instead of spending an endless amount of time searching the internet for ideas on what will be available when the Vikings are on the clock, you can check every week to get an update on what everyone is projecting.

Without further ado, here is Mock Madness 2.0! – Pat Kirwan

In his previous edition, Kirwan had the Vikings selecting S Taylor Mays. This week, however, Kirwan has Mays going to the Bengals at pick #21. So how do the Vikings respond? Kirwan sticks with defense and he even stays in the secondary, projecting that CB Patrick Robinson will be the selection. Kirwan says that with DT Jimmy Kennedy now re-signed and plenty of other DTs expected to go early in this draft, the Vikings will address their “biggest need.”

I’ve stumbled upon an outlet that will give us lots of fodder to sift through in the weeks leading up to the draft. has 4 individuals submitting prognostications for the draft and we’ll update all 4 of them each week. Here’s who they are projecting for the Vikings this week:

Rob Rang – Boise State CB Kyle Wilson

Chad Reuter – Wilson

Pete Prisco – Rutgers CB Devin McCourty

Clark Judge – Wilson Bucky Brooks and Charles Davis
We include Brooks and Davis in this week’s Mock Madness because a couple of our prognosticators haven’t updated their mock drafts since last week. Brooks has some twists and turns in his mock draft, including having top-ranked DT Ndamukong Suh falling all the way to Oakland at #8. For the Vikings, Brooks says CB Devin McCourty will be the pick. Brooks cites McCourty’s “athleticism, toughness and awareness” as making him “an ideal fit in the Vikings two-deep scheme.”

Davis projects S Taylor Mays as the pick, saying the 3-time All-American “may be too talented to pass up.” – Don Banks

Sports Illustrated’s Don Banks foresees the Vikings staying on the defensive side of the football with their 1st round pick, but he foresees a different name. Banks says Penn State DT Jared Odrick would fit in well along the Vikings line. – Mel Kiper, Jr., Todd McShay

We’ll move ESPN’s pair of draftniks to the bottom because they haven’t updated their mock drafts since last week. Kiper and McShay disagree on their projections for the Vikings 1st round pick, which isn’t surprising considering the Vikings pick at #30. Kiper, Jr. predicts Rutgers DB Devin McCourty will be the selection, citing the player’s surge up draft boards following the Combine. McShay stays on defense but tabs UCLA DT Brian Price as the Vikings selection, saying he’ll be able to keep starter Pat Williams fresh for the time being and then at some point down the road he’ll become the starter.

Check back next week for more Mock Madness!