Meet The Vikings Cheerleader Rookies

Posted Jul 25, 2013

Hey, Vikings fans! It’s time to meet your 2013 MVC Rookies! We have 11 new faces on the team, and we want to tell you more about ourselves! You can read about each rookie: their hometown, three descriptive words, and some challenging and rewarding experiences as an MVC. We can’t wait to meet all of you, too, at appearances and games this season!

Go Vikes!

Emily, 1st year

Christina (Eden Prairie, MN)

Caring, adventurous, loyal

The most challenging part about being a MVC is balancing the schedule. We put in many hours at practice and community events, as well as games! We all have full-time jobs; but it is definitely worth it! We haven’t had our first game yet, but performing in front of 65,000 excited fans is going to be surreal!

Emily (Omaha, NE)

Goofy, ambitious, sincere

It’s been challenging to manage time to see family. They live 6 hours away; I wish I could get home more! But they have been supportive in my dream of being an MVC! It has been very rewarding to meet so many fans. Everyone has been kind and fun to talk to; we have the best fans in the NFL!

Kaitlyn (Prescott, WI)

Dedicated, caring, creative

Waiting for the first game has been the most challenging so far! I can’t wait to get on the field; the anticipation is killing me! The most rewarding aspect of being an MVC is going into the community to meet fans. Hearing others’ stories, and learning about each person has been an amazing experience!

Kate (Waseca, MN)

Energetic, artistic, positive

Power Team is the biggest challenge so far on MVC! It’s great to push your limits! It was amazing to have made the team. It is rewarding getting to know my teammates. We have a diverse team, from nurses to lawyers, teachers to entrepreneurs! I appreciate all their hard work, in and out of MVC!

Kayla (Cottage Grove, MN)

Genuine, energetic, passionate

It is challenging to make time to take in every moment. Every experience is exciting. We hit the ground running after tryouts and I want to make sure I appreciate it all! It is rewarding to represent an organization that is bigger than you. I love being able to make a positive impact on fans we encounter! 

Kelsey (Farmington, MN)

Bubbly, passionate, charismatic

Although I love a challenge, learning and perfecting choreography is a difficult part of being an MVC. The most rewarding part of being a MVC is the ability meet so many inspirational people and in turn, being able to make an impact in our community.

Melissa (Coon Rapids, MN)

Kind, funny, easy-going

 I agree, that a challenge on the MVC is keeping all the choreography straight! There is so much to learn! The most rewarding aspect is being able to share my excitement for the Vikings with the fans. It is also been rewarding being able to share my love for dance with the 34 other women on the MVC!

Michelle (Northfield, MN)

Ambitious, dedicated, sarcastic

I think the most challenging aspect of being an MVC is time management! There is minimal free time for friends and family; or even “me time”. I keep my planner updated so to utilize my free time! But it is rewarding to know that fans are so excited to meet us, even though I think I’m just the girl next door! 

Rachel (Plymouth, MN)

Motivated, sassy, smiley

 Being a MVC is very fast-paced; and that is most challenging part. There is constantly something to prepare for, but that's also the fun! Meeting younger girls who admire the MVC is definitely the most rewarding. It's the best feeling to know you are making an impact with the kids.

Starla (Golden Valley, MN)

Caring, reliable, exuberant

Learning so much choreography on a short timeline is a bit of a challenge. On the other hand, we have the ability to give our time to the community, meet a lot of new fans, and practice each week with the other amazing and inspiring MVC. It's a great honor to be part of this amazing organization! 

Tracey (Minnetonka, MN)

Active, determined, loyal

I find the busy lifestyle of an MVC the most challenging part. Staying organized is key! The most rewarding experience, for me, is to be able to perform in front of all the fans! After I completed school, there were not many opportunities to perform, but being an MVC has allowed me to do what I love!