MVC Sponsor: Palm Beach Tan

Posted Dec 5, 2012

The MVC are very excited to have Palm Beach Tan as our tanning sponsor this year! With four locations across the Twin cities, Palm Beach Tan helps the MVC retain a healthy glow throughout the season by providing us with the opportunity to utilize their beauty and tanning amenities. Palm Beach Tan offers a variety of tanning options including sunbed tanning, sunless tanning in the MysticTan beds, red light therapy in the Beauty Angel, as well as an array of products to choose from.

With the best tanning experts around, Palm Beach Tan employees inform us of which products are best to use based on our skin tone and type of tanning we choose to do. My personal favorite are the California Tan products made specifically for the MysticTan. The Buffer, Maximizer and Tan Extender help maintain my MysticTan for a longer period time at an even color tone.

The MVC are very grateful to have such a wonderful sponsor in Palm Beach Tan. We highly recommend that everyone go check out their locations as Palm Beach Tan has the best services, products and tanning experts in town!

By Lauryn, 1st Year