MVC: Pro Bowl Announcement

Posted Nov 14, 2012

Each year the MVC wait on pins and needles to find out which amazing MVC will receive the honor of representing the Minnesota Vikings at the Pro Bowl. Just as only the best players are selected to play in the Pro Bowl, only the best cheerleaders are selected to cheer at it. Each team gets to select one and only one cheerleader to represent their team on the sidelines in Hawaii in February, so the woman they select has to be top notch!

This year we are so excited to announce that  6th year veteran and team captain, Melissa, will be the MVC’s selected Pro Bowl Cheerleader! The highly anticipated announcement was made at the Holiday Show on Monday November 5th with several past Pro Bowl cheerleaders in attendance. We were even lucky enough to have Peyton, the 2012 PBC, there to “pass the torch” on to Melissa.

Melissa is one of those people who has the unique ability to light up any room with just her smile. Her positive energy is contagious and she can find a way to relate to anyone. While she is soft spoken and sweet, she knows how to bust it out on the dance floor and lead our team to success. Melissa is currently a marketing and media coordinator and is in the process of planning her wedding! 

We love you Melissa and are so excited to watch you along this journey- we are lucky to have someone as amazing as you representing our team in Hawaii! CONGRATS!

By Mollie, 3rd Year