MVC: Meet the A*Team

Posted Oct 10, 2012

The Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders have entertained Vikings fans both on and off the field since 1984. Throughout their 28 year history, only a small group of fortunate women have had the honor of calling themselves Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders. In a way, the MVC are like a family; working together as a unit to achieve success both as a professional cheerleader and throughout our personal lives.

While we may wish to continue cheering forever, at some point, retiring as a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader is inevitable. Whether it is pursuing motherhood, changing career paths, or exploring new life adventures, leaving the MVC is never an easy choice. For many alumni cheerleaders, the desire to continuing performing and building lasting friendships are aspects that they wish to experience without the rigorous time commitment of being a current squad member.

A*Team provides just that; the perfect balance between dancing and personal life commitments. The A*team practices one night a week and performs before every home game at Mall of America Field on the plaza. Twice a season, the A*Team joins the current Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders on the field for pre-game and end zone performances. In addition to game day, the A*Team also performs alongside the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders and the MVC Training Program during the Holiday Show at the Mall of America. “This is my sixth season coaching the Minnesota Vikings A*Team since our inaugural season in 2007,” says Co-Coach Heather Pilakowski. “It’s a great way to meet past cheerleaders and continue to be a part of the Minnesota Vikings family.”

 So, if you are a retired Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader, how can you get involved? “There are no tryouts required, just a passion for the Minnesota Vikings, performing, and being part of a team,” says Co-coach Heather Krause. “Currently, we have retired veteran cheerleaders from the 1985 to 2005 seasons on A*Team.  I was a member of the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders during the 2003 to 2005 seasons, and love having the opportunity to perform with friends and teammates at a similar style to our days as a MVC,” added Krause.  Interested in joining? A*Team holds an informational meeting in June with the season starting soon after. Krause and Pilakowski have opened up their Tuesday night practices to any MVC alumni interested in joining A*Team. Make sure to check out our beautiful and talented alumni cheerleaders before every home game on the plaza at Mall of America Field. See you all there! GO VIKES!

By Blair, 2nd Year