MVC: Meet The Training Program

Posted Sep 6, 2012

During the Minnesota Viking Cheerleader auditions, coaches select candidates for the Training Program. Each girl invited commits to a yearlong intensive to bring these girls to the next level of fitness and performance for the next years’ audition.

The 2012 training program consists of 38 girls from Minnesota and Wisconsin. One team member even drives 2 ½ hours to get to practice! Even though most girls have dance experience, it is not required to try out. This year three lucky ladies stand out in the Training Program because of their incredible personality, high fitness level and ability to grab your attention while dancing. We had to get to know them better.

Tracey is from Minnetonka and is 22 years old. She grew up a Vikings fan because of her grandparents. After checking out the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader page, she tried out and was selected for the Training Program. This has taught her the goal of becoming a professional cheerleader requires a lifestyle shift from what she has been used to. The commitment level is beyond required practice time at Winter Park. It extends into daily life choices and relationships. Tracey says one of her favorite things about Training Program is bringing many different girls together from all different areas in life to one place to achieve a common goal. The self-proclaimed weather nerd is currently studying at St. Cloud State University graduating this spring with a Bachelor’s Degree in Meteorology and marketing minor.

Rachel is 23 years old and from Plymouth. She is a Vikings fan because her dad taught her the rules of the game. She often used her latest football knowledge to impress the boys at school. Being a cheerleader and dancer for most of her life, she decided to try out when a girl from school made the team. She was inspired to find out everyday girls make them team if they work hard enough and she knows she can do it! Her biggest motivation is practicing across the field from the Minnesota Viking Cheerleaders. Something interesting about Rachel is she fractured a bone (spinus process) in her back, known as the Culpepper fracture! It's cool that a Vikings quarterback and Rachel shared injuries! She is working on her degree in Kinesiology, coaching a high school cheerleading squad and a server! This girl works hard!

Michelle, 23 years old from Northfield, was inspired to try out from her cousin, Andrea, a current 5 year Minnesota Viking Cheerleader veteran. Michelle is striving to become more involved in the community, adapt a healthy lifestyle, and cheer for the greatest football team there is! Her favorite part of being on training program is like being part of one big, giant family.  You make so many good friends and it is easy to motivate one another at practice.  When she is not dancing, she loves DIY projects around the house or crafting. She loves to finish a project and say, “I made that!” She has recently graduated from Minnesota State University, Mankato with a degree in Nursing and just started working on an orthopedic medical/surgical floor as a registered nurse. She is smart and talented!

By Mandy, 1st Year