MSFA and Vikings Agree on Multi-Use Field Configuration for New Minneapolis Stadium

Posted Feb 22, 2013

The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority (MSFA) and the Minnesota Vikings have agreed on a multi-use field configuration for the new Minneapolis stadium set to open in 2016.

After multiple discussions surrounding the importance of providing a first-class NFL game day experience and accommodating other events throughout the year, the MSFA and the Vikings have agreed on a field configuration that will accomplish the Vikings needs and ensure an outstanding indoor venue for various uses throughout the year, including collegiate, high school and amateur baseball.

“We are happy to announce that the Vikings and the Stadium Authority have agreed on a stadium solution that accommodates baseball without compromising the game-day experience for Vikings fans,” said Lester Bagley, the Vikings Vice President of Public Affairs and Stadium Development. “We all had to compromise, but this agreement will work for Vikings fans, the baseball community and other users of the facility.”

Bagley also noted that the agreement will yield a field configuration that is among the most intimate in the NFL.

“With this resolution, we’ll have sidelines that are just forty-four feet from our closest fans, which is among the most intimate configurations in the League,” Bagley said. “This agreement ensures a game-day experience that will include a great home-field advantage and a level of intimacy in the stadium that our fans deserve.”

The configuration includes the following elements:

* Optimal NFL Sidelines
* Outfield Baseball Dimensions with 26' High Right Field Wall
    - Right Field Foul Line - 300'
    - Right Center Field - 341'
    - Center Field - 400'
    - Left Center Field - 365'
    - Left Field Foul Line - 326'
* Retractable Seats on North Sideline
* Removable Dugouts

The full stadium design for various events will be unveiled with the 100% schematic design later this spring.