Frazier on Injuries, Preparing for Bears' Defense and More

Posted Sep 13, 2013

Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier

Good afternoon. Another beautiful day here in Eden Prairie, just a great day. I was just telling Bob (Hagan) we could actually play right here today. I think our guys are excited and looking forward to this game for a lot of reasons. Today was a good day of work for us. You probably noticed Kevin Williams wasn’t out there practicing today, he has a personal matter he has to tend to. It was nothing to do with him physically. He should be ready to go on Sunday. Everybody else participated so we’re looking forward to this NFC North challenge.

Q: So what you saw yesterday from Kevin Williams was enough to say he’s going to be ready to go on Sunday?

A: That’s true. We’ve seen enough.

Q: Did you have a chance to talk to him today to find out how his soreness was?

A: No, I haven’t talked to him. I knew he wouldn’t be here today, but I have not talked to him this morning, but everything based on what happened yesterday after practice he was feeling good so he should be good to go.

Q: Can you do anything in practice to prepare for the way Chicago forces turnovers?

A: Well like all teams that play them you emphasize and you talk about it in your meetings. You’re trying to strip the ball in practice just to make your players aware that that’s how they’re going to tackle and try to strip. But it seems that what you just said happens, teams go there and they still end up on the downside of the turnover ratio so we’ve got to figure out a way to not end up in the negative. They were 8-0 when they finished in plus. It definitely makes a difference. It energizes their fans, their teams so we’ve got to try and protect the ball. We’ve got to get it done. 

Q: Do you have to limit Kevin a little more than you planned before the injury?

A: We’ll have to monitor how he’s doing in between series, just talk to him sometimes, see how he’s coming along just to make sure that he’s functioning properly and we’ll be paying attention to him as well. But we’ll kind of have to play it by ear

Q: This is a business trip but also kind of a big reunion for you going to Chicago. Are you going to find time to spend with any former teammates?

A: I’m sure some of them are going to contact me, some have to say hello, but it’s a business trip for me so it’s a little bit different. I can’t participate in any of those functions that they’ll have but we’ll text back and forth but I can’t participate.