Frazier on Injuries, Ford's Development, Simpson's Season and More

Posted Dec 20, 2013

Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier

It was a good Friday for us. I think guys are looking forward to going on the road and playing this football game against a good team and should be hopefully a really good contest.  This team is undefeated at home; chance for us to get a road win so we are looking forward to it. You guys will get the injury report here pretty soon. Probably the person to note is Adrian. He was able to practice today, which is encouraging, and we are going to list him as questionable for the game. So we will see how he feels tomorrow as well as and then go forward from there.

Q: Did Adrian Peterson go through everything in practice today or was he limited?

A: Limited. We didn’t have him do every rep. But enough were he would feel confident and we would feel confident. It was encouraging; some of the things that he was able to do.

Q: As you look at this past month or so, how much do you think Adrian’s injuries have affected his explosiveness this season?

A: Well playing with a groin injury when you are a running back has to have some effect on your explosion and we have seen some runs where maybe in the past it was a 60-yarder ends up being a 20-yarder so it has to have some effect. But to his credit, he has played through it, and he rushed for 211 with a sore groin so he is unique.

Q: Do you feel pretty good about his status to play Sunday with no real set backs this week?

A: Yeah I do based on today. If everything goes fine tomorrow he should be ready to go on Sunday.

Q: Is Xavier Rhodes going to make it Sunday?

A: Xavier wasn’t able to practice today so we probably aren’t going to have him for this ballgame.

Q: Is Adrian still sniffing out that rushing title?

A: I am sure that is in the back of his mind. That is important to him. But we will see. We will see where things end up.

Q: How about John Carlson, is he out with the concussion issues?

A: Yeah he is going to be doubtful for this game, and hasn’t made enough progress up to this point.

Q: Talk about Chase Ford and the impact he has had on this team with the big catches he has had filling in?

A: He really has. Just to think, we came out of training camp and we weren’t even sure that he would make our football team and ends up on the practice squad. Now he is making big contributions for our team. Credit to his hard work and the work that Jimmie Johnson has put in to with him to work on both his blocking and pass receiving skills. When we signed him we saw him as a pass receiving tight end but he has improved as a blocker as well. So he is a hard working guy and he has come up with some big plays for us. Evidenced by the 3rd-and-14 we had the other day. Hard work does pay off.

Q: Were you looking at him as a project type guy with a big body?

A: We looked at him as a guy who had some ability to catch the ball and just see if we could develop him over the summer and then into the training camp as well. He showed enough were he made our team on the practice squad and I am glad we kept him around because he has really helped us a lot here down the stretch.

Q: With Xavier out do you go back to Shaun Prater to start, or is Chris Cook ready to start?

A: Chris has had a good week, Shaun has practiced well, and Marcus, so now that we know that Xavier is not going to probably make it, we will talk through how we need to configure it for this ballgame.

Q: Any consideration to putting Carlson on Injured Reserve with one game left to free up a roster spot?

A: Yeah we have to talk about it. We just have to decide what is better for him and what is best for the club and see where he is when we come back and talk again tomorrow and see if he is better.

Q: Have you talked to him about his future with the number of concussions that he has had?

A: We haven’t had that discussion. But I am sure it is one that we will eventually have. 

Q: You made some comments on national radio about teams not being patient with their coaches. Could you elaborate on that and was that any indication that the Vikings need to be more patient with you?

A: No, just a general comment. That was it; a general comment. 

Q: How has Jerome Simpson bounced back this season from the disappointing year last year?

A: He has had a very good year for our team. When I think back to when we signed him with the expectations that were on the field and then he got injured. He had a very good training camp, good preseason, had the suspension he had to serve out and then he came back and only played one or two games before he had an injury that really hampered him the rest of that year. And to see him bounce back this season and have the type of impact that he has had has been really good for Jerome, and has been good for our team with some of the things he has done on the field. It helped us to kind of bring Cordarrelle along the way we thought we needed to. So he has been a real plus; he has made a long of big plays for us this season. He is really, really trying to do the right things.