Frazier: "Ponder Is Our Starting Quarterback"

Posted Mar 19, 2013

On the acquisition of wide receiver Greg Jennings:

“It was huge for our football team. As we prepare for the NFL Draft, to know that we’ve secured our wide receiver position with a veteran with tremendous leadership, great skill, a guy that can still run and make all of the hard catches, it really will give our offense a lot of confidence. It will help us in the passing game which we sorely needed; that veteran presence, a guy who can run by single coverage because if you’re not single covering our wide receivers [and] you’re playing with seven in the box, you’re going to see a heavy dose of Mr. [Adrian] Peterson. It’s going to be good for our football team.”

On taking a player away from a division rival:

“No doubt about it. Greg [Jennings] has been a vital part of their passing attack for the last seven seasons, so to acquire him not only helps our team but – depending on what they end up doing in the draft, I know they have some depth at wide receiver – you have to think that with a guy who had been so productive for their football team, it has to have some affect on their team.”

On the thought that Matt Cassel will be competing with Christian Ponder for the starting quarterback position:

“No. Christian Ponder is our starting quarterback. Matt knows that; he knew it when we went through the acquisition. He knows he’s coming in to provide insurance for us. If something were to happen to Christian injury-wise, we have a quality backup who can step in and do a great job for us. Christian just needs to continue to improve just like we all expect him to, but he’s our starting quarterback.”