Frazier On Kevin Williams' Status, Sharrif Floyd's Debut and More

Posted Sep 6, 2013

Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier

Well our first Friday in-season practice and I thought it went well. The guys are really excited about this ball game. We had a lot of good work. We had a chance to go back and review some things and really feel good about where we are heading into this ball game. Injury wise, Kevin Williams, we didn’t practice him today. We’re going to rule him out for this ball game, need a little more time, not quite there yet, so he’ll be ruled out. Other than that, everybody else should be raring to go. We don’t have anybody else that’s questionable that we’re concerned about. Everybody else should be available. Other than that, just get ready for the regular season to kick off.

Q: Do you have a better idea of how long Kevin might be out going forward?

A: He’s close so we’re optimistic that when we come back next week we’ll be able to get some work out of him on the field. But we’ll wait and see when Monday rolls around, Tuesday, and then we’re back at practice on Wednesday. We are optimistic that we should have a pretty good chance of having him next week.

Q: Do you guys have a set number of plays for Sharrif Floyd?

A: Well we want to see how he’s doing just to see where he is over the course of the game.

Q: How do you think Sharrif has come back after that injury?

A: I think he’s ready. He had a good week of practice, hasn’t shown any adverse effects from that injury. He’s done everything we’ve asked him to do so we’re going to let him go.

Q: Who is going to start in Kevin’s place?

A: We’re going to make that decision as we talk a little bit more about our depth chart tonight and tomorrow. We feel like we’ll have a good rotation to get those guys through. We feel pretty good about it.

Q: Will you rotate a few guys in there?

A: It’ll be a mix. Kevin, we’re going to miss him obviously. He’s been a cornerstone for us at that position. But the other guys are going to step up and they’re going to play well.

Q: Before you Sharrif went down, did you enjoy where he was picking up the mental part of the game?

A: We expected to play him in this game based on some of the things we had seen over the spring along with training camp. He had done a good job prior to his injury so we were confident with what he was able to do. Now when the injury came, we had to kind of get back in the rotation and see how he would do. But he’s doing fine. It was part of the plan to always play him and play him a number of snaps in this ball game.

Q: What’s the message going into this first game coming off a playoff season?

A: Well, I think all of us standing here know that every year stands on its own. It’s just 2013. This team, this league will be far different than 2012. So we’ve got to come out and earn everything that we get. I’m sure Detroit is not talking about the fact that we were a playoff team a year ago. We’ve got to put our nose to the grindstone and get it done. There’s nothing we can hold on to from a season ago.

Q: By not getting Adrian any carries this preseason, is that something you kind of have to do or do you just put him back in as usual?

A: Well it’s far different than this time around. Last year this time there were so many question marks and we had a pitch count on him as far as snaps and carries that we were going to give him. No such thing this season. We’ve taken all that off the table and whatever we’ve got to do to win, as a matter of fact he and I have talked about that. We’ll see how the game is going but there are no conditions placed on him for this ball game.

Q: Do you feel that even without the preseason carries you feel like the stuff in training camp and practice has been sufficient for him to jump right in?

A: No question and he proved that a season a year ago. There’s evidence to show that he’s more than capable of playing without a preseason and we are riding with that.

Q: Does it make it tough for Desmond Bishop to get a lot of snaps if Marvin Mitchell is playing in the weakside?

A: We’ll see how the game goes and if there’s a place for Desmond in this particular ball game. But we’ll see as it goes along. All of those guys that aren’t starting, they have to be ready to go. Things could change like that, one snap and all of a sudden you’re on the field. He’s a veteran guy, we’ve had this conversation. He knows he’s got to be ready to go. Things change in a hurry.