Five Takeaways from Manziel's Pro Day

Posted Mar 27, 2014

As everyone in the football following world already knows, Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel held his pro day on Thursday. Manziel is about as high profile a prospect as the NFL draft has had recently, but there was still plenty to learn from his workout in front of NFL coaches and scouts.

Here are my five takeaways from the Manziel pro day…

1. He thinks pro days should be done with shoulder pads and helmets
Most pro days are conducted by prospects who choose to wear their typical workout gear – athletic shorts and a t-shirt of some kind. But Manziel is not “most prospects” and his pro day is most certainly not like most pro days. He wore a helmet and shoulder pads.

When asked about it, he replied simply: “Isn't the game played with them on?”

Good point.

2. He has an audience
A report from Yahoo! Sports cited 75 representatives from 30 of 32 NFL teams were in attendance (Chicago and Cleveland reportedly were not represented). In addition to that, President George HW Bush was on-hand to watch Manziel and NBA superstar LeBron James made it known he was keeping an eye on the action.

3. He worked on perceived weaknesses of his game
Manziel worked exclusively out of the gun last season at Texas A&M, but on Thursday he made every throw after dropping back from under center. In total, Manziel completed 61 of 64 passes and was perfect on his first 36 attempts.

In addition, Manziel spent significant time targeting areas of the field that he didn’t necessarily target during games last season.

4. He can throw a 60-yard bomb after a full workout
The final toss of Manziel’s 64-throw workout was a long one – it traveled 61 yards in the air and was caught by fellow highly-regarded NFL prospect Mike Evans.

5. He doesn’t think he knows everything
After such a stellar workout in front of such a huge audience, and being the showman that he is, it would’ve been a bit understandable for Manziel to be flying high after the workout. While he was clearly in a good mood, he was measured in his self-evaluation, going so far as to give his receivers credit for helping him look good.

He also made this statement while speaking with NFL Network immediately after the workout: “I’m ready to learn. That’s the biggest thing for me. When I got out to California and I got out with Kevin O’Connell and Coach (George) Whitfield, I said there are things I wasn’t asked to do here at A&M. There are protections, there are so many things you have to do. Throw it at me. I want it. Let’s do it. I need to learn it eventually.”

Here are some more tweets reacting to Manziel's performance: