Dennis Ryan: Moss 'In The House'

Posted Sep 6, 2017

Dennis Ryan always knew when Randy Moss walked into the locker room on game day.

The Vikings longtime equipment manager didn’t even need to see No. 84 to know he was there.

“You always knew when he came into the locker room,” said Ryan, who has been with the Vikings full-time since 1977. “His big thing on Sunday morning was that he’d walk in that locker room and yell, ‘Moss in the house!’

“It was kind of his signature, I remember, on a weekly basis,” Ryan added. “And you knew he was going to be ready to play any given Sunday. He made some incredible plays.”

Ryan and his crew deal with every player on the Vikings roster, from the starting quarterback to the final player on the practice squad, making sure that all are fully equipped and have everything they need for practices and games.

Most players are respectful and cordial. Some can be arrogant, Ryan noted, but he never had a problem when it came to Moss.

“Initially you were unsure if he had all of the baggage that everybody had talked about. You wondered what this guy was going to be like to deal with,” Ryan said. “But quite honestly, from the day he came in and got fitted, he was as easy a guy as anyone else we’ve ever had.

“That’s more than we can say about a lot of guys, especially of lesser ability,” Ryan added.

And despite Moss’ eye-popping numbers and loud personality, Ryan saw firsthand how the star wide receiver displayed his passion for the game.

Moss won the 1998 Offensive Rookie of the Year award after snagging 69 passes for 1,313 yards and a rookie-record 17 touchdowns.

He hardly cared about the hardware that followed.

“I’ll never forget when his Rookie of the Year trophy came (to Winter Park), he threw it in the garbage,” Ryan said. “We retrieved it and put it in storage and passed it on (to him). Randy’s need for (individual) awards was non-existent.”