Crichton, McKinnon On Becoming Vikings

Posted May 9, 2014

Vikings Defensive End Scott Crichton

Q: What did you think when you were picked by the Vikings?

A: Oh man, I don’t even know. My heart was beating, my hands were shaking, and this is unbelievable right now. I am truly blessed, I want to thank Coach Zimmer and the whole coaching staff and faculty for giving me this opportunity.

Q: The Vikings are collecting Pac-12 pass rushers with getting Anthony Barr yesterday, and now you. Can you talk about both of you guys coming and the havoc you will create for opposing quarterbacks?

A: I don’t know how to explain it, the Pac-12 is so under-rated, especially the defenses. Anthony and I are going to create havoc, create sacks, and do what we do.

Q: You said you wanted to come out early for the NFL Draft to support your family. What have the past few minutes been like celebrating with them?

A: It is crazy right now, just full of emotions. My mom and dad are crying, I am a little teary-eyed myself. It was full of emotions and a lot of joy too. This is a big step for me, and I can’t wait to be in Minnesota.

Q: How often did you play linebacker at Oregon State?

A: I played linebacker my redshirt freshman year for one game, but I didn’t play linebacker much because we ran a 4-3 defense.

Q: How are you best used Scott? What was your best spot of strength in college?

A: Being a pass rusher is how I am best utilized. When I get on the edge, then I go inside. That is my thing, I love to get after the quarterback.

Q: Both sides, one side, rush inside or outside?

A: Both sides, I played both sides and I played inside too. I have been all around the defensive line.

Q: Have there been any discussions with the Vikings on the possibility of using you as a linebacker?

A: I don’t mind playing linebacker for the Vikings. Whatever they need me to do I will do it.

Q: Scott what kind of expectations did you have when the day started as the day went on were you thinking second round third round, did you have any idea where you might go?

A: Ahh, I was thinking second round mainly, but third round is fine. I’m just grateful for this opportunity and also I will show what I can do on the field and show teams that they should’ve picked me earlier.

Q: Scott, How much contact did you have with the Vikings before the draft?

A: I had a meeting with them, a formal meeting with them at the combine with all the coaches, so that was the only contact I had with them.

Q: Was your family in favor of your decision to come out because obviously you were doing it for them, were they wanting you to stay in school?

A: They were just happy. They were going to support me no matter what whether I was going to go back to college or, enter the league. So it really wasn’t that much big of a deal it was just going to have my back no matter what.

Q: What is your mother’s name Scott?

A: Malama.

Q: What does your mom do, what type of work and what type of work does your dad still do?

A: She works at a nursing home. She is a nurse at a retirement home.

Q: And then your dad?

A: And my dad works at a warehouse right now. 

Q: Ok what does he do there?

A: Just moving boxes, It is hard for him to find a job you know because of his leg , but the job he does is running the truck.

Q: Are they going to retire now that your entering the NFL?

A: I told my dad to retire so I think he is but I think my mom isn’t because she doesn’t want to stay around the house and do nothing all day. She might just go back to one job. We will see, I don’t know. We haven’t got that far yet.

Q: You were getting doubled a lot last season, do you think you accomplished everything you wanted to at the college level?

A: At the college no, I think I can improve in a lot of aspects in my game, probably the whole overall of my game. I think I have done a lot though. I am pretty happy, I have no regrets. But there are things that can be better.

Q: Are there any specific techniques that you could isolate working on more?

A: I think just everything including pass rush. I have to get my hips turned when I’m pass rushing. I have to use my hands better. Just my whole overall game.

Q: Are you excited to get into a system like coach Zimmer, where it is very aggressive?

A: I can’t wait. You don’t know how excited I am right now. I just cant wait to be in Minnesota.

Vikings Running Back Jerick McKinnon

Q: What are your thoughts on being drafted by the Vikings?

A: Words cannot express how happy I am right now. I want to take time to thank the entire Vikings organization for seeing something in me and giving me the opportunity to come up there to show my talents and being able to contribute to the team in any way possible.

Q: Did you talk to the Vikings before the draft and what interest did they show in you?

A: I got to talk to them at the Combine with the area scout, got a chance to talk the running backs coach, and got a really good feel for them. It is definitely one of the places that I was wishing that I’d have a chance to play, coming in and learning Adrian Peterson and the other running backs, just soaking in all of their knowledge like a sponge and adding it to my game.

Q: Have you been a fan of Adrian’s for a while?

A: For a long time. Just the he plays the game with passion and his physicality. He is one of the best in the game, I think he’s the best in the game as a matter of fact and it is a dream come true to come in and watch him and learn from a guy like that.

Q: Do you think you can be the guy to come in and lessen the load for Adrian Peterson?

A: I think I can come in and contribute to the team whether that is at running back or return man on special teams. However they want to use me, I will give them 110% and do my best to push myself. As a rookie, I want to come in to push other guys and I hope it all works out for good.

Q: How much did you play running back in college weren’t you primarily a triple option quarterback?

A: I started off as a triple option quarterback and I went back and forth for four years. I would say it is 50/50.

Q: How does it differ, switching off between the two positions?

A: There will always be things that you have to learn and improve when you come from a triple option offense. I got a chance to experience that at the Senior Bowl and I think it went really well. I had a chance to try a bunch of different things and learn different techniques and I am eager to learn.

Q: Do you feel comfortable to catch passes if you are asked to do so?

A: I am very comfortable. We didn’t throw the ball a lot but I think catching a ball is an asset that I have.

Q: How important was it to open the eyes of coaches and scouts at both the Senior Bowl and the Combine?

A: It was tremendously important. Throughout the whole process my hard work has really paid off. I got a chance to open eyes and to have coaches see me doing different things and I think it paid off.

Q: Do you think we will see you in some triple option plays this year?

A: I don’t know. If they put the plays in there, then maybe.

Q: How much defense have you played and did anyone at the Combine express any interest in you as a defensive back?

A: I played defense in two games my sophomore year. I talked to the Texans about defense and the Raiders talked a little about it. A few other teams like Buffalo wanted to see it so I did some at my Pro Day.

Q: Did the Vikings express any interest in defense?

A: I am not sure. Most of the talk we had was about offense and special teams. I am happy with that. I am just happy for the opportunity that they gave me.