Bringing Down the Dome - Cheerleader Alumni Performance

Posted Sep 15, 2013

"Once an MVC, Always an MVC", is a phrase heard commonly from our coaches, staff, alumni and current teammates. On August 29th, we all had the opportunity to welcome a new season and celebrate the final year in the dome by performing together during the pre-game show!

Three of our former team captains, Peyton, Meghan and Jenna, put together a fun routine for nearly 100 current and former MVC. Having been on the team for a few years, it was wonderful to see and dance with many of the amazing friends I have made because of the MVC. It was even more incredible to meet some of the women who were a part of the team from the very beginning! The Official MVC began in 1984 and has continued to evolve and expand more and more with each passing season. During our week of rehearsals together, in preparation for the performance, we were able to share many stories and reminisce about all of the incredible moments we have experienced in the dome. We had every decade represented at our performance.

One of my favorite memories from the dome, and probably one of the most exciting games I have ever cheered in, is from the 2009 play-off game against Dallas. I have never heard the stadium as loud as it was that day! Let's make the 2013 season like that every game!!

Here's to a great year! Skol!

Andrea, 6th year