2013 Vikings Opponents Now Set

Posted Dec 31, 2012

With Sunday's win vs. Green Bay, the Vikings secured a second place finish in the NFC North, meaning the team's 2013 opponents are now determined.  The dates and times of each game will be announced by the NFL in April.

Home - GB, DET, CHI, PHI, WSH, PIT*, CLE, and CAR.

Away - GB, DET, CHI, DAL, NYG, CIN, BAL, and SEA.

* The 2013 Vikings home game vs. the Steelers will take place in London on Sunday, September 29. For more info on that game, click here.

Here is the breakdown of how the schedule is determined:

6 games against your division (3 on the road, 3 at home)

4 games against a division in the NFC (2 on the road, 2 at home)

4 games against a division in the AFC (2 on the road, 2 at home)

2 games against teams that finished in the same spot in their division as the Vikings did the previous year in the NFC outside of the division they play four games against already (1 on the road, 1 at home).

That last point can be a bit hard to explain, but for example, if the Vikings win their division and play four games against the NFC West the following year, then those two extra games would be against the teams who won the NFC East and NFC South.  In 2013, the Vikings play all four teams in the NFC East, so they play one game each against the NFC South and NFC West.