• Major Piece Of New Vikings Stadium Now In Place

    Posted Nov 19, 2014

    On Tuesday, construction workers placed yet another piece of the steel Ridge Truss that will ultimately span the entire length of the new Vikings stadium from east to west.

  • New Vikings Stadium's Setup For Basketball

    Posted Nov 14, 2014

    Watch a video used by the Minnesota NCAA Final Four Bid Committee that showcases how the new Vikings stadium will look when setup to accommodate basketball.

  • Zimmern Dishes On New Vikings Stadium Food

    Posted Nov 5, 2014

    Earlier this year, Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern was a guest on "Vikings Connected" to touch on a variety of topics. Watch this clip that didn't air initially in which Zimmern goes over the involvement he'll have with the food at the new Vikings stadium.

  • New Stadium's Ring Beam Install Begins

    Posted Oct 31, 2014

    This week another construction milestone was reached as installation of the new stadium’s ring beam began. The beam will create a structural diaphragm at the top of the stadium's columns in order to support the roof trusses and transfer the load to the columns.

  • Clear Roof Mock-Up Setup at New Vikings Stadium

    Posted Oct 31, 2014

    On Thursday, workers placed a mock-up of the new stadium’s ETFE roof on the construction site in order to test the structure during a Minnesota winter.

  • New Vikings Stadium: Behind The Scenes Tour

    Posted Oct 22, 2014

    Go behind the scenes of the new Vikings stadium and check out the amazing progress being made on the build of the structure which of course is set to open in 2016. For more info visit

  • New Stadium Timelapse: The First 10 Months

    Posted Oct 10, 2014

    Watch a timelapse video of the new Vikings stadium site, from the time the Metrodome started coming down through where the stadium's progress stands as of September.

  • Steel Placement @ Stadium's Highest Point Complete

    Posted Sep 12, 2014

    Completion of the steel placement for the new Vikings stadium’s western “prow” was completed earlier this week. The Prow reaches more than 270 feet from grade, nearly double the height of the Metrodome.

  • New Vikings Stadium: Prow Put Into Place

    Posted Sep 4, 2014

    On Thursday, a major piece of the new Vikings stadium's steel "prow" was lifted. When completed, the west prow is expected to reach more than 270 feet above grade.

  • New Vikings Stadium: Updated 4D Model

    Posted Sep 3, 2014

    View an updated 4D model of the new Vikings stadium, which shows how the stadium has progressed so far and what lies ahead. Courtesy of Mortenson.

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