• Meet The 2014 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders

    Posted 51 minutes ago

    View highlights of the 35 women who make up the 2014 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders.

  • "MVC: Making The Team" Episode 2

    Posted Apr 20, 2014

    On this season's second episode, see who performed well at the semifinals, hear from rookies trying out and hoping to make the team for the first time, and learn why one candidate has a life-long passion for the Vikings.

  • Cheerleaders Swimsuit & Semifinal Pageant

    Posted Apr 14, 2014

    Watch highlights from the 2014 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders Semifinal Pageant, which took place on April 13 at SEVEN and Pantages Theatre in Minneapolis.

  • "MVC: Making The Team" Episode 1

    Posted Apr 14, 2014

    On the premiere episode, get an inside look at audition day, hear from two veterans looking to earn their roster spot for 2014, and see who makes the cut as the team heads to training camp.

  • Cheerleader Open Auditions

    Posted Apr 7, 2014

    Hear from MVC Head Coach Tami Krause as the 2014 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders begin to take shape, beginning with Open Auditions, which were held on April 6 at Winter Park.

  • Selfie Parody with MVC and Viktor

    Posted Apr 3, 2014

    The Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders and Viktor The Viking had some fun and hammed it up in their selfie parody video.

  • Making The MVC Swimsuit Calendar, Part 1

    Posted Jul 12, 2013

    Go inside the shooting of the calendar and hear from Head Coach Tami Krause on the process and theme of this year’s calendar.

  • Making The MVC Swimsuit Calendar, Part 2

    Posted Jul 12, 2013

    Hear from Ali, Alissa, Andrea, Blair, Brooke, Christina, Danielle, Emily, Jackie, Jacqui, Jeanne, Kaitlyn, Karen, Kate, Kayla C, Kayla W and Kaylee.

  • Making The MVC Swimsuit Calendar, Part 3

    Posted Jul 12, 2013

    Hear from Kelsey, Kristin, Kristy, Lauryn, Melissa, Michelle, Missy, Mollie, Molly, Pam, Rachel, Rhea, Richelle, Samantha, Saral, Starla, Tracey and Whitney.

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