Years on the team: 2 Year Veteran

Years as a Team Captain: 2 Years Team Captain

Spalon Montage Location and Stylist: Woodbury - Matthew

Hometown: Oakdale, MN

Profession: Architectural Sales at Davis & Associates, Inc.


Vikings Player:

1.    Current: Stefon Diggs

2.    Alumni: Chris Carter

Movie: The Town

Book: Grace not Perfection

Quote: “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, ‘I’m Possible’” - Audrey Hepburn

Place I’ve traveled and why: My favorite place ever traveled is the Dominican Republic, because I love the ocean. The ocean there had the softest sand and the most beautiful blue water. 

Charity and why: My favorite charity is American Cancer Society, because I feel everyone has been affected by cancer in some way, whether that be as a survivor, currently fighting, or knowing someone who has faced/is facing that battle. I would love to live to see the day that we find a CURE to cancer!


My dream job: My dream job would be an astronaut. I am fascinated by space, planets, and other galaxies and think it would be really cool to have a profession where that was my job’s focus. 

On the top of my bucket list is: To travel the world!

My hero: My hero is, and always will be, my mom. My mom is one of the strongest and most kind people I know. She is the one who taught me determination and to never give up on my dreams. I know that I am the woman I am today because I had her as a role model growing up. 

Name an inspiring/influential woman in your life: The most inspiring/influential woman in my life is actually a group of 6 women, and they are the other captains for the MVC. The women on the MVC team are all so amazing and I feel the captains are a great representation of this prestigious group.  These ladies inspire me to never stop improving, to always be the best version of myself, and to have grace with myself and others. I am so lucky to have them in my life and feel like I have learned so much from all of them. 

How do you define empowered? I would define empowered as being the best version of yourself while always focusing on growth and self-improvement. Confidence and hard work are key to feel empowered. 

Where do you see yourself in five years? In 5 years, I see myself even more established in my career. I sell lighting and with the expansion of LED, lighting technology has developed quickly and lighting controls can do more than most people are even aware. It’s hard to picture where lighting will be in 5 years but I am excited to find out. Also, I am currently engaged, so in 5 years I hope to have grown our family with puppies and babies. 

Where are you in your family line up? I am the oldest in my family and I have one sister who is three years younger than me. 

What was your favorite subject in school? My favorite subject in school was science.  I love doing experiments, testing out hypotheses, and am genuinely interested in how things work and why. 

Do you have any pets? I do not yet. I had a dog, Maggie, for 17 years and she was the best dog ever. I hope to adopt a new furry friend soon.  

What is your favorite workout tip? My favorite work out tip is to focus on your form while you are doing the workout. If you have bad form, not only are you not targeting the proper muscles but you could also end up with a serious injury later. Always be mentally present in your workouts and aware what your body is doing. 

My best beauty secret is: My favorite beauty secret is to take care of your skin. I get HydraFacial’s regularly at Expressions MD so that I have a great base/canvas to work with when having to put on game day make up. I feel skin care is very important to keeping a young, healthy look especially without any make up on. 

Why did you decide to audition to become an MVC? The dream to become a MVC started for me after high school. I had performed my whole life through studio dance and dance team and I didn’t want to stop. The MVC were perfect in my eyes and I never thought making the team is something I would be able to do. A couple years ago, my grandpa passed away. He was the biggest Vikings fan and his passing was my push to audition for the MVC. I auditioned that year and didn’t make the team my first try. I spent the next year training and learning more about the organization and at the next audition I made the team. Last year, was my rookie season and this has been the most amazing journey that I wouldn’t change for anything. I am so glad I took the leap of faith to achieve my dreams. 

What is your favorite memory as an MVC? My favorite memory as an MVC would have to be last year, my rookie season, at the home opener game against the Packers. Not only was it a great game but it was the first regular season game in our new home. I will never forget the feeling of running out of the tunnel that night for the starting lineup. There was not an open seat in the stadium and it was very cool to experience this moment on the field.   

Most valued lesson learned as an MVC: The most valuable lesson I have learned as a MVC is, “Empowered Women, Empower Women.” I feel as we try to better ourselves we focus on changes that could be made within and often forget about the growth that comes from supporting and encouraging each other. I have witnessed the growth individual teammates have made from working as a team and learning together.