Kelley O

Years on the team: 3 Year Veteran

Spalon Montage Location and Stylist: Chanhassen- Reagan

Hometown: Shakopee, MN

Profession: Registered Nurse and Lash Stylist


Vikings Player:

1.    Current: Sam Bradford

2.    Alumni: Chad Greenway

Movie: Pitch Perfect

Book: The Bible

Quote: “Stay humble, work hard and be kind.”

Place I’ve traveled and why: Recently, my family and I took a trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico and I have never seen the ocean more beautiful than when we were there! I would love to go back- my favorite type of vacation includes the beach, family and mostly relaxing.

Charity and why: The Fountain of Christ Ministry, is my favorite charity because it has created hope for hundreds of children through sponsorship. They have created an orphanage, school, ministry and healthy meals for children in Haiti that have been abandoned, lost their parents or otherwise neglected. It is such an honor to sponsor a child and someday, I hope to visit him and serve at the orphanage.

My dream job: I am so lucky to be currently working my two dream jobs side by side these last three years, a Nurse and a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader.

On the top of my bucket list is: I would absolutely love to go on a mission trip and provide medical care, it has always been one of my dreams.

My hero: My husband is my hero. He is always positive, he pushes me to pursue my dreams while continuing to pursue his own, he loves unconditionally and would do anything for those he loves. His selflessness is completely amazing to me and I strive to be more like him every day.

Name an inspiring/influential woman in your life: My mother is inspirational to me because she is always working harder to be the best in everything she does. She strives to be the best mom, the best friend, the best employee and her best overall, always.

How do you define empowered? To me, empowered means to be confident in your strengths and to pursue your dreams without self-doubt.

Where do you see yourself in five years? In five years, I see myself continuing my career as a labor and delivery nurse, living in Minnesota and hope to have at least one child by then.

Where are you in your family line up? I am a middle child, I have two older half-brothers and 2 younger siblings, my sister and brother. Of the five of us, I am the only one still currently living in MN!

What was your favorite subject in school? My favorite subject in school was anything math or science related. I love numbers and I love learning how the body works.

Do you have any pets? My husband and I have three amazing little Yorkshire terriers, Ted, Ellie and Bill.

What is your favorite workout tip? In order to see the best results, a mixture of lifting and cardio is always my go-to. Another important note about fitness is- what you eat has a huge impact on the results you see from your workout. Without a balanced diet, the workouts will not reach their full potential in your body!

My best beauty secret is: I have had eyelash extensions for over 4 years now and it really is a time saver day to day. I always wake up looking like I have mascara on and don't need to spend extra time putting on false lashes throughout the season.

Why did you decide to audition to become an MVC? One of my best friends in Nursing School told me she was planning on trying out right before our graduation and I could not think of a better chapter to start in my life after college. I am so thankful she told me that she was trying out because I cannot imagine my life without the Vikings the last 6 years.

What is your favorite memory as an MVC? My favorite memory as an MVC was walking into our locker room the first game day of the 2016 season at our new U.S. Bank Stadium. We had already visited the stadium and had a chance to view the locker room, but our pictures were up and our costumes were hung in our lockers and the feeling of that moment is one I will not forget!

Most valued lesson learned as an MVC: Be humble and practice like its game day! Always have a competition with yourself to be better!

Trips taken as an MVC: 2015 Hall of Fame Game - Canton, Ohio

Awards received as an MVC: 2015 Most Improved Dancer, 2015 Most Improved Overall Performer, Game Day Awards: Most Fun to Watch, Best Crowd Interaction