Years on the team: Rookie Year

Spalon Montage Location and Stylist: Chanhassen - Chandra

Hometown: Crookston, MN

Profession: Program Manager of the Cargill Fitness Centers


Vikings Player:

1.    Current: Adam Thielen

2.    Alumni: Jared Allen

Movie: Almost Famous

Book: The 5 people you meet in heaven

Quote: “You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.”

Place I’ve traveled and why: My favorite place that I’ve traveled to is Florence, Italy with my sister.

Charity: My favorite charity is Habitat for Humanity.

My dream job: My dream job is to be a professional surfer.

On the top of my bucket list is: Traveling to Australia is on the top of my bucket list.

My hero: My hero is my late grandpa Carlson. He exuded happiness, had the most positive outlook on life and helped his family, friends and community with everything and anything. 

Name an inspiring/influential woman in your life: My sister is an extremely inspiring woman. She has such a passion for learning and is always pushing herself to grow professionally while continuing to pursue her hobbies, all while raising a son.

How do you define empowered? I define empowered as self-driven, self-motivated and the drive to spread that positive energy to do good.

Where do you see yourself in five years? In five years I see myself in a leadership role continuing my passion for fitness and helping others and starting a family.

Where are you in your family line up? I am the youngest of two and have one older sister.

What was your favorite subject in school? My favorite subject in school was gym! I took some form of Physical Education every semester and was the only girl in Weights Class.

Do you have any pets? Yes, I have a 2 year old Pug named Norman, who I am in love with.

What is your favorite workout tip? My workout tip is to include strength and resistance training at least twice in your weekly routine. The more lean muscle mass that you have, the more calories that you burn at rest – and lifting is so much fun!

My best beauty secret is: My beauty secret is keeping a nice glow to my skin at all times by getting a medium level spray tan each week from our awesome sponsor Palm Beach Tan!

Why did you decide to audition to become an MVC? I decided to audition for the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders because it is a team that not only has strong, talented women and leaders, but it is a team that gets out in the community and does great things!

What are you most looking forward to your Rookie Year? As a Rookie, I have been looking forward to running out of the tunnel on game day and cannot wait for that moment!

Most valued lesson learned as an MVC: The most valued lesson I’ve learned as an MVC is to embrace moments. My teammates and I are living out a dream and sometimes we need to just stop and take it all in.

Awards received on the MVC Training Program:  I was awarded “Best Fitness” and hope to achieve an award this year as an MVC Rookie!