Spalon Montage Location and Stylist: Edina - Jamie

Years as a MVC: 3

Hometown: Boulder, Colorado

Education: Major in Biology/Minor in Sociology - College of St Benedict and St. John's University

Occupation: Project Management Consultant

First Job: My first "real" job was as a Barista at a coffee shop on my college campus. I loved it! I got to listen to great music, meet new people every day and enjoy a free latte every day!

Dance background: I have danced since I was five years old. I started out in studio, then went onto high school "Poms," danced in college, and then I decided to try out for the MVC and have been on the team ever since!

Favorite type of music: I am obsessed with country music lately! It used to really bother me, but now, I just cannot get enough. I love Blake Shelton :)

Favorite phone app: My favorite app on my phone would have to be SnapChat! I love getting to see my friends and all of their goofy faces every day.

Celebrity crush: My celebrity crush would have to be James Franco or Marky Mark (Wahlberg). I am a sucker for those two and will see pretty much any movie they are in.

Junk food weakness: My weakness is a DQ Blizzard...any flavor...any time. Ice cream heaven in a cup!

I've always wanted to: I have ways wanted to Sky dive!

One place I would love to travel to: I would love to see Australia! My sister studied abroad there when I was a teenager and I remember being in awe of her pictures and stories.

Off the field, I spend my free time: Outside of my life as an MVC, I spend my time baking, reading up on healthy recipe ideas on Pinterest, hanging out with my friends, shopping with my mom, attending car shows with my dad and of course attending hot yoga as much as possible!

Best beauty secret: My best beauty secret would be to moisturize! It is so important to keep your skin healthy, from head to toe! Especially areas like your eyes and neck- areas women typically forget about.

Favorite thing to do in Mpls: My favorite thing to do in Minneapolis is explore different restaurants in different neighborhoods. My family loves the show Diners, Drive Ins and Dives- and after meeting Guy (the host) at a game, we plan out dining adventures around his show now. We are never disappointed!!

Favorite restaurant in Mpls: My favorite restaurant in Minneapolis is the Nicollet Island Inn. They have a great menu, and on Sunday's they have a special called family table, where you can have seconds of the three courses served. Such a cool idea! And the view and ambiance is unbeatable.

My hidden talent is: My hidden talent is that I can pick up anything with my toes.

One thing I wish I was great at: I wish I was great at singing. I cannot carry a tune for the life of me, and I have always wanted to belt it out (and sound good).

Dream job: If I could have any job, I think that I would run a bed and breakfast (maybe in the mountains back in my home state of Colorado). I love to cook, bake and host friends and family. It would be my dream to be able to provide a home away from home for travelers.

Greatest achievement: My greatest achievement was making the MVC and fulfilling my childhood dream of becoming an NFL cheerleader.
Best thing about being an MVC: The best thing about being an MVC is the friendships. I absolutely adore my teammates and feel so blessed to be surrounded by such a talented and genuine group of women. They are the best!