Spalon Montage Location and Stylist: Edina - Beth

Years on team: Rookie

Hometown: Plymouth, MN

Education: Currently pursuing my Kinesiology Degree

Occupation: Full-time student

First Job: My first job was selling magazines over the phone.

Dance background: I was a studio dancer for seven years and a sideline football cheerleader in high school. I also danced on the Vikings Training Program for 2 years.

Favorite type of music: I enjoy listening to anything I can dance to, however my all-time favorite type of music would be rock.

Favorite phone app: My favorite app on my phone is emoji! I love texting my friends in only pictures and have them figure out what I'm trying to say.

Celebrity crush: For my celeb crush…I absolutely adore Channing Tatum! Who doesn't?

Junk Food weakness: My junk food weaknesses include pizza and Oreo ice cream!

I've always wanted to: I’ve always wanted to learn a foreign language, possibly Japanese.

One place I would love to travel to: I would love to travel to Japan (after I learn the language)

Off the field, I spend my free time: Off the field I enjoy Googling random things for entertainment and playing Bingo with my friends.

Best beauty secret: My best beauty secret is that everyone looks best wearing a smile!

Favorite thing to do in Mpls: My favorite thing to do in Minneapolis is just lounging out on a restaurant patio with friends.

Favorite restaurant in Mpls: My favorite restaurant in Minneapolis is Chino Latino.

My hidden talent is: My hidden talent is that I burn every batch of cookies I've ever baked, and actually it's not hidden. It's a known talent of mine.
One thing I wish I was great at: I’ve always wished I was great at playing the guitar. My little brother is a guitar genius and it would be cool to be able to just jam out with him.

My dream job: My dream job would be to travel the world as an ice cream taste tester!

Greatest achievement: My greatest achievement is making the MVC this year. It has been a dream of mine since I was young.

The best thing about being an MVC: The best thing about being on the MVC is being a part of an amazing and talented group of women that are always encouraging each other to reach their life goals and dreams.