Spalon Montage Location and Stylist: Edina - Rebecca

Years on team: 4 and 1st year Team Captain

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Education: Communications

First Job: My first job was at a local swimming pool as a crosswalk guard.

Dance background: I grew up dancing at a local studio in Minneapolis, then danced in high school, after that I was a part of a few semi-professional teams, the Minnesota Swarm Performance Team for 2 years, then 1 year later made the MVC!

Favorite type of music: My favorite type of music is anything from the old school Temptations to Minneapolis Hip Hop.

Favorite phone app: My favorite phone app is Shazam!

Celebrity crush: My celebrity crush is Justin Timberlake. (Ever since 6th grade)

Junk Food weakness: My junk food weaknesses are ice cream and Hershey kisses.

I've always wanted to: I've always wanted to own my own dance studio.

One place I would love to travel to: One place I would love to travel is Australia.

Off the field, I spend my free time: Off the field I like to spend my free time with family and friends. I also love learning how to cook new recipes!

Best beauty secret: My best beauty secret is to wear your favorite color lipstick with a light gloss over it. It makes for a long lasting color!

Favorite thing to do in Mpls: My favorite thing to do in Minneapolis is spend time near the lakes and take in the sun!

Favorite restaurant in Mpls: My favorite restaurant in Minneapolis is Bar la Grassa.

My hidden talent is: My hidden talent is that I am a rockstar softball player.

One thing I wish I was great at: One thing I wish I was great at is singing! I have secretly always wanted to be a singer.

Dream job: My dream job is to own my own dance studio.

Greatest achievement: One of my greatest achievements so far has been becoming an MVC!

Best thing about being an MVC: There are so many great things about being an MVC, but the best thing so far is the lifelong friendships that we all have made. Sharing this MVC experience with these amazing women is something I will never forget.