Years on team: 2

Spalon Montage Location and Stylist: Edina – Jason

Hometown: Savage, MN

Occupation: Nanny/ Student

First Job: My first job was working as a dance assistant teacher at my studio when I was 14.

Favorite type of music: I love all types of music, but I am really starting to get into country music lately. 

Junk food weakness: My junk food weakness would be any thing with sugar in it! Candy, Ice cream... etc.

I spend my free time: I spend my free time with my friends, family and dogs.

I’ve always wanted to: I have always wanted to go on some sort of adventure and ride in a hot air balloon! 

What would be one place you would love to travel? I would love to travel to the Bahamas, such a tropical paradise! 

What is your best beauty secret? My beauty secret would be get some sleep, you always feel better when you are well rested and therefore look better! 

What’s your favorite restaurant in Mpls? My favorite restaurant would have to be Olive Garden, they have great breadsticks! 

Celebrity crush: My celebrity crush would be Taylor Lautner…he seems like such a sweet guy and that body! 

My hidden talents are: A hidden talent I have is that I used to do Pointe Dancing, so I can dance on my toes.

One thing I wish I was great at: One thing I wish that I was great at would be public speaking, I can dance in front of 64+ thousand fans no problem but hand me a microphone and I freeze up! 

Dream job: My dream job would have to be working for or owning a company that helps animals.

Greatest achievement: I really do believe that one of my greatest achievements is auditioning for and becoming an MVC.