Years on team: 3

Spalon Montage Location and Stylist: Edina – Amber

Hometown: Bloomington, MN

Occupation: Teacher

First Job: When I was 13 I worked at a gardening center, Cal's Market.

Favorite type of music: My favorite type of music is Christian Contemporary.

Junk food weakness: I don't think anything tastes bad with peanut butter on it! 

I spend my free time: I spend my free time with my son. We love to go to the lake.

I’ve always wanted to: I always wanted to run a marathon.

What would be one place you would love to travel? I would love to travel to Italy because that is where my Grandma is from.

What is your best beauty secret? My beauty secret is natural lemon juice on trouble acne spots. Lemon is a natural bacteria fighter! 

What’s your favorite restaurant in Mpls? My favorite restaurant in MPLS is Rudolph's, amazing salmon salad and ribs.

Celebrity crush: My celebrity crush is Chris Brown, simply for his amazing dance ability.

My hidden talents are: My hidden talent is that I function better earlier in the morning! I am a morning person.

One thing I wish I was great at: I wish I was great at math!! I am a Communication Arts and Literature major. I always wished I was better at math! 

Dream job: My dream job is exactly what I am doing, teaching. I will be teaching 2nd grade in the fall! 

Greatest achievement: My greatest achievement is being a mom, along with my son my dreams have come true! Graduating from college, making the MVC and attaining a career in teaching.