Years on team:  2

Spalon Montage Location and Stylist: Edina – William

Hometown: Waconia, MN

Occupation: Psychology student at the University of Minnesota

First Job: My first job was picking and selling produce on a farm!

Favorite type of music: My favorite type of music is classic rock.

Junk food weakness: I have a weakness for chips and dip, like top the tater.

I spend my free time: I like to spend my free time reading or being with loved ones.

I’ve always wanted to: I have always wanted to yell/scream as loud as I can, it seems like it would be liberating!

What would be one place you would love to travel? If I could travel anywhere it would be to Italy, maybe I would run into some relatives.

What is your best beauty secret? My best beauty secret would be that all of my makeup contains SPF 20 and up!

What’s your favorite restaurant in Mpls? My favorite place to eat in Minneapolis is Pracna on Main because they have cups of leggos!

Celebrity crush: My celebrity crush would basically be any actor with a beard.

My hidden talents are: My hidden talent is that I can sing.

One thing I wish I was great at: If there was one thing I wish I was great at it would simply be being organized.

Dream job: My dream job (which is not what I am going to school for) has always been to be a U.S. History teacher.

Greatest achievement: My greatest achievement so far in life has been getting accepted into the University of Minnesota!