Years on team:  5

Spalon Montage Location and Stylist: Chanhassen – Kinley

Hometown: Willmar, MN

Occupation: RN

First Job:  My first job was as a babysitter!

Favorite type of music:  I love all kinds of music, but my favorite is anything I can dance to.

Junk food weakness:  My two weaknesses are chocolate and ice cream, but NOT chocolate ice cream!

I spend my free time:  In my free time, I love traveling, being on the lake/beach and spending time with my loved ones.

I’ve always wanted to:  Two things I have always wanted to do is go skydiving and live in Europe for a year.  I am a bit of a thrill seeker and I would love to become fluent in another language from being immersed in the culture.

What would be one place you would love to travel?  I recently started a bucket list of all the places I would love to travel. Some of the places I want to visit most are Greece, Spain, Italy and the Seychelle Islands with my handsome hubby J

What is your best beauty secret?  For healthy, shiny hair I use a deep conditioning mask once every other week (sometimes more in the winter months) and I always use a heat protecting spray when styling to prevent my hair from getting damaged!

What’s your favorite restaurant in Mpls?  I love Chino Latino and The Oceanaire.

Celebrity crush:  My biggest celebrity crushes would have to be Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds and Usher.

My hidden talents are:  I am pretty good at making up recipes from scratch and cooking…when I have the time to do it.

One thing I wish I was great at:  I wish I was a good singer.

Dream job:  My dream job would be to work with pediatric heart patients in a hospital setting.

Greatest achievement:  My greatest achievements thus far include celebrating two years of wedded bliss, obtaining my 4 year RN, and making the MVC!