Years on team: This is my 3rd Season.

Spalon Montage Location and Stylist: Woodbury – Charli

Hometown: Stillwater, MN

Occupation: Technical Staffing Recruiter

First Job: My first job was when I was 14 years old, and I was a Babysitter in my neighborhood.

Favorite type of music: I like many types of music, but really like Country right now.

Junk food weakness: Movie Theatre Popcorn is by far my treat of choice.

I spend my free time: With my husband, Joe, and our family and friends!

I’ve always wanted to: Visit all 50 states in the U.S.

What would be one place you would love to travel? Italy, mostly because I want to try authentic Italian food.

What is your best beauty secret? Drink a lot of water! I like to add lemon slices in it.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Mpls? Chino Latino, they have the most amazing Pad Thai ever!

Celebrity crush: Gerard Butler

My hidden talents are: I pick out the best gifts for people! I love giving them more than receiving them!

One thing I wish I was great at: Singing! I can't carry a tune.... I will stick to dancing.

Dream job: My dream job is to be an Ambassador for the NFL, to be charitable, and visit the troops... to be an MVC! I already have my dream job :)

Greatest achievement: Marrying the man of my dreams (going on 5 years!) and getting to be part of the MVC!