Q: What are the requirements to be a MVC?

A: You must be 18 years of age.  You must be a high school graduate as of June for the year you are auditioning. You must be a full time college student, mother/homemaker or employee.  We understand that some students will not start their first semester of college until the fall of the upcoming season.

Q: Do you consider being an MVC a full time job?

A: No, this is a part-time job. Cheerleaders must also be a full-time college student, career women or mother/homemaker.

Q: Are there any age requirements?

A: You must be 18 years of age by the Open Audition. Ages of cheerleaders have recently ranged from 18 – 34.  There is no “maximum” age limit. The average team member’s age is typically 24 years old.

Q: Are there any height or weight requirements?

A: No. We require that cheerleaders must be in good health, look well proportioned in dancewear and can meet the demands of the MVC uniform.  There are no specific height or weight requirements.


Q: If I am currently a high school senior, but will not graduate until June of this year, can I still audition?

A: Yes, if you meet the age requirements and will be attending college or working full time in the fall of 2013.

Q: Are you required to have any cheer or dance experience to audition?

A: No, it is not required, though most candidates typically have some performance experience.

Q: Will I keep the same audition number throughout the process?

A: No. We will adjust numbers for each phase of competition. Thank you for cooperating.

Q: Do I have to be 18 to attend the audition workshop or prep classes?

A: No. You must have a parent/guardian to sign your release/waiver, if you are under 16 years of age, although the workshop and classes will be closed to the public.  Minimum age is 16 years of age for the workshop and prep classes.

Q: How many people audition each year?

A: The number of applicants varies from season to season. We usually host about 150 women at Open Auditions. Do not worry about numbers though!  Be confident and go for it!  We want to see YOU this year at tryouts!!  Attending the prep classes and/or workshop will help you feel more confident!

Q: What should I wear to auditions?

A: Don’t worry too much about your attire – just show up!  But, if you want to plan ahead, you should know that required attire for training camp is a crop top and hot pants or trunks in Vikings colors.  You could consider wearing this same option at Open Auditions.  The Line Up, our official costume sponsor, offers form fitting specialized dance attire in Vikings colors and in many one of a kind options at their Eden Prairie showroom and at their online store -  Make an appointment today!  Dance shoes and skin tone tights (non-shimmer) are suggested, but not required.  Wear what makes you feel confident!  It just needs to be form fitting.  Any color attire is fine for Open Auditions.  Come dressed to perform. There are no changing rooms available for use.  Bring a warm up jacket/pants to wear in between audition segments to keep warm.
*** Note: We will have sample items available from The Line Up at our workshop for purchase. Save yourself the trip and do your tryout apparel shopping at the Tryout Workshop!

Click here to download a coupon from The Line Up.

Q: What should I bring with me to auditions?

A: Bring a water bottle and a lunch/snack for the long day.  You will also need a non-returnable recent photograph of yourself to be used for identification, a performing resume,  the non-refundable application processing fee of $25 (cash or check made payable to Minnesota Vikings) and a photo ID.  You may wish to bring some personal items such as make-up and extra nylons – just in case.  It could be, and hopefully will be, a long day for you!

Q: Will you have any of the supplies for auditions at your workshop?

A: Yes, we will have tights, earrings, tryout apparel and more for purchase during the tryout workshop. 

Q: If I do not advance to the final auditions or training camp will my application be kept on file?

A: No. Each person must re-apply and audition from year to year.  Also, no photos will be returned, so don’t use a photo you cannot “part” with!!!!

Q: If I am not selected as a training camp finalist, or if I am not selected for the team, may I call the MVC office to receive the judge’s comments/scores?

A: No. The judge’s sheets are not kept on file and comments about your audition are not available. The judge’s decision is final and confidential. Thank you for understanding.

Q: How can I best prepare to audition if I want to become a MVC?

A: Dance!  Call your local dance studio and take class.  Attend our optional Tryout Workshop and prep classes, led by the MVC coaching staff and alumni MVC, to learn more about the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders program.  Work on your flexibility. Take aerobics classes or do workout videos. (These help build stamina and increase your speed for learning choreography.)  Be confident!  Visit and get caught up on the Vikings team information and activities. Attend a game during the season to watch the MVC in action. (Ticket office 612-33-VIKES)

Q: How many spots will be available on the team?

A: The number of team members varies from year to year, but is approximately 35. All returning veteran team members must still go through the audition process – except for the very first round at Open Auditions. Our Pro Bowl representative or incoming team captains may be waived from the audition process. This varies from year to year.

Q: Is it ok to audition if I have a tattoo or body piercing?

A: YES! We will require them to be covered or removed during public appearances/games during the season though.

Q: How do I get to Winter Park, the team training facility?

A: 9520 Viking Dr. Eden Prairie, MN 55344 – try MapQuest or Google maps for other options.  ***NOTE***This may vary due to current road construction, so follow signage!
From the South: Take 494 to 169, go North on 169 to the next exit, which is Valley View Rd., exit and go Left. Take your first Left at the stop light on Washington Ave. Take Washington Ave. all the way down and Winter Park will be on your right hand side.
From the North: Get to 169 and head south. If you get to 494 – you have gone too far! Take the Valley View Rd. exit (just before 494) and go right, take your first left onto Washington Ave. Take Washington Ave. all the way down and Winter Park will be on your right hand side.

Q: Are the Tryout Workshop or Prep Classes required to audition?

A: No. The tryout workshop and prep classes are optional, but if you are available and can make it we suggest you attend.  We provide excellent preparation details for the upcoming audition.  Evaluations from past participants reveal they feel much more confident when they attend.  Material is taught by the MVC Coaches, staff, alumni and sponsors.

Q: Are all portions of the audition process required?

A: Yes. Your attendance is mandatory for fair scoring and consideration.  Following selection at Open Auditions, the mandatory sessions will include all training camp dates, an interview, the semi-final pageant and final auditions.

Q: What should I expect during the Open Auditions?

A: You will arrive on time to registration, where you will turn in your performing resume, fill out an application, turn in your recent photo and application fee, sign a release/waiver agreement, have your photo ID checked and be assigned an audition number.  You will have time to warm up/stretch.  You may be asked to perform a warm-up of skills across the floor. You will learn the first routine and then be assigned an audition group of approximately 4 or 5 people.  You will be allowed a short time to practice in your small group and then you will begin performing for the judges in your small groups.  There will be a multi-step elimination process.  This same format is basically repeated until the judges are able to narrow the candidates down to approximately 65 finalists.  If you can tumble, you will be given an opportunity to demonstrate this during the second round of auditions, but is an optional skill only.  Plan to stay ALL day!  You will NOT need to prepare your own choreography for Open Auditions. Those selected to move onto the training camp will be announced at the end of the day.  Open Auditions are closed to the public.  Training Camp candidates will rehearse and be interviewed, with a possible round of elimination taking place later in Training Camp.

Q: What will the judges look for at Open Auditions?

A: “The Whole Package”
- Personal Appearance (physical fitness level, poise, confidence, orderly and polished presentation, facial beauty, etc.)
- Dance Ability (flexibility, versatile performer, crowd-pleasing, grace, style, strength, routine confidence, etc.)
- Showmanship (smile, eye contact, projection of positive support for the team, positive body language, etc.)
- Personality (bright, outgoing, enthusiastic, professional, mature, responsible, a “team player”, a strong desire to support the Vikings and the MVC, willing to accept and show improvements on constructive criticism, etc.)
- Enthusiasm (energy, hard working, goal oriented, improvement focused, driven, etc.)
***The judges will be looking for potential, not necessarily perfection!!!!!

Q: How should I wear my hair to auditions?

A: We are proud to be sponsored by Spalon Montage Salon and Spas. You might consider making an appointment for a consultation with one of their trained experts before auditions. They can make suggestions on how to style and wear your hair and/or make-up. Their staff helps to make the MVC beautiful!  Spalon has locations around the metro area to serve you.  Search online for the one closest to you at  Basically, we are looking for a hair style that is complimentary, has NFL glamour and can “dance” well.  Remember, if selected to the team, we will work to “establish your look” with the professionals!

Q: How should I wear my make-up for auditions?

A: Color Science Mineral Cosmetics are our choice for make-up!  These products stay on flawlessly, even when you start to sweat! The colors are beautiful and great for your skin.  You can find these products online, at Expressions MD and at other fine retailers.  Visit to get more details.  The main thing is to wear your make-up in a manner that is flattering to your natural features, makes you feel confident and will stay in place for the long day at Open Auditions. More suggestions will be offered at our Tryout Workshop.

Q:  Are there any beauty “secrets” I should know about?

A: We visit Expressions MD Medical Spa throughout the season for products and services that help keep the team looking amazing. They offer everything from micro-dermabrasion facials to laser peels and chemical peels to facials and waxing. They carry only the best in skin care products. They also are offering the most advanced options in other medical spa treatments. Visit their website at or make an appointment today. Make-up and a smile always look best on a face with great skin!

Q: What kind of head shot do I need to submit with my resume at Open Auditions?

A: Our team photographer is Steve Lucas of Eden Prairie, MN. Contact them if you are in need of a professional headshot or model contact sheet at All that is needed for auditions is a recent photo of yourself. Color or black and white is optional. Size is optional. Your photo doesn’t have to be taken by a professional. It should be a recent photo!

Q: Do I have to be tan at auditions?

A: Palm Beach Tan, another one of our proud sponsors, offers Mystic Tanning if you are looking for a “healthier” option to the traditional tanning beds. A tan will help you to have that natural “glow” for auditions! We have found this makes your physic appear more toned and can help you to feel more confident. A tan is NOT required at tryouts! Visit to find the nearest location.

Q: Do I have to make-up my own routine for tryouts?

A: No. Nearly all audition material will be taught during our process. If you are selected to training camp, then you will need to prepare a short two 8-count solo.

Q: If I am not selected to the Training Camp/Final Auditions, can I still be considered for the MVC Training Program?

A: Yes! Anyone, at any time during the audition process, can be considered for the Training Program. Nobody is guaranteed a spot in this program. For example, one candidate could be invited from the final cut at Open Auditions and another candidate who made it all the way to Finals might not be invited. It is a subjective process where the judges select the most qualified candidates with potential to greatly improve towards auditions for next year. Please note your interest in being considered for this on your application. Only those marking YES on the application will be considered for invitation to the program.

Q: If I know I am not ready for auditions this year, but want to be considered for the Training Program do I still need to attend open auditions?

A: We would encourage you to do so. This will help you to know better what to expect for next year. We will accept audition videos for the training program only, until April 1st, 2012. Mail to Tami Krause/MVC 9520 Viking Dr. Eden Prairie, MN 55344 Include a performance resume, a recent photo and a video – in DVD format, demonstrating your dance skills and performance ability. This will be considered for our Training Program only and NOT for auditions. You must be at auditions for consideration for the MVC.

Q: I have a question that was not answered here. Who can help me?

A: We have a full staff on hand at our Tryout Workshop wanting to help YOU be your best for Open Auditions. Come with your list of questions! We also have a designated Q & A time at the end of each Prep Class too!


Q: How often do the MVC practice?

A: 3 times per week from 6:30 – 9:30 PM on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sunday evenings. Extra practices are held for special performances or halftime shows, but advanced notice is given. Practices will begin immediately following the final auditions. The contract to be a MVC is for a one year commitment.

Q: How long can someone be an MVC?
A: There is no “cap” to the maximum number of years, but there is no guarantee either, so team members must tryout again and again – year after year - to maintain a spot on the team.
Q: Where do the MVC practice?
A: At Winter Park, at 9520 Viking Drive in Eden Prairie & at local athletic clubs/gyms through Life Time Fitness.
Q: Can I come to a practice?

A: Sorry, our practices are closed to the public.
Q: Do the MVC know any of the players?

A: Yes, we do work with the players at different charity events, appearances and some Viking’s Children Fund functions. We rarely cross paths, as our relationship is strictly professional and our rehearsal schedules are completely opposite. Any other socializing is strictly prohibited.

Q: Do the MVC work out outside of practices?

A: Yes, the MVC work out. A very important part of being a cheerleader is being strong and healthy. During our strenuous rehearsals and at the games, endurance and strength are needed. We lift weights for toning and participate in numerous cardiovascular activities in order to maintain endurance. We are proudly sponsored by Life Time Fitness – a leader in the fitness industry. Their amazing trainers work with our team during the season and as a team member you will receive a free membership to take advantage of all the Life Time offerings.

Q: Are you more of a dance or cheer team?

A: Though we are called the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders, we are more traditional dancers, but do lead cheers too.
Q: How much time does the team require?

A: Being a MVC is a big time commitment. Cheerleaders have held demanding careers and class loads while on the team and been very successful. Past team member have commented that the commitment is worth every minute!

Q: Do the cheerleaders have to pay for their uniforms?

A: No. Team apparel and uniforms are all provided by the team. They are collected back at the end of the season and are property of the Minnesota Vikings Football Club.


Q: Why do the MVC do this?

A: The women on our team become cheerleaders because they enjoy the camaraderie of the team and love to perform. Physical conditioning and being in shape is important to each of us too. We also are committed to doing charity work and making personal appearances. And, of course, we love cheering for the best team in the NFL.

Q: What do they get out of cheering?

A: Performing at games is terrific! Additionally, we enjoy meeting people through volunteer and charitable work. As a team, we get to become close friends – like a family. There are also opportunities to travel on behalf of the team each year. AND SO MUCH MORE!

Q: How many appearances each year do the MVC participate in?

A: The MVC are ambassadors for the Minnesota Vikings. The MVC average OVER 400 appearances a year at charity events, community events, Vikings Children’s Fund events, corporate events, media events, travel appearances, calendar sales promotions, etc. We require 2 charity appearances minimum each month, but most team members enjoy them so much they do many more! Travel in recent years has included locations such as Hawaii, Mexico, New Mexico, Washington, Texas, South Dakota, Canada, Arizona, Iowa, Wisconsin, Montana, Colorado, Michigan, Iraq, Japan, Guam, Afghanistan, Diego Garcia, Alaska, Iraq, Kosovo and MORE! The MVC perform at all HOME Vikings games during the season.

Q: Are all practices required during the season?

A: Each MVC is given 3 absences which can be used for anything and at any time, except the week prior to any home game. Otherwise, ALL practices are mandatory, including extra rehearsals for travel and halftime shows.

Q: When will rehearsals begin for the new team?

A: Immediately after Final Auditions. A schedule of rehearsal dates will be handed out at our first team meeting.
Our schedule will basically begin, May 1.

Q: What is the Training Program?

A: We offer and invite candidates that have stood out to the judges as candidates that either could’ve made the team, but we could only take the top 30 or they would’ve been “the next one” the opportunity to train with our Training Program. They have potential to become a future MVC and rather than letting the opportunity to make it slip away, they are invited to practice with veteran alumni MVC (both former team captains) for two hours, once a week. They train and get the “inside” know-how on the team’s style, workouts and more. This program does NOT guarantee any further placement in the next year’s audition process. It is an optional program. This option just offers solid criteria to focus on during a year of training for auditions. It is an INVITE only program and has limited space.

Q: How much do the cheerleaders get paid?

A: Besides receiving two season tickets, free game parking, travel opportunities, sponsorships for FREE hair-cuts and coloring, FREE brow wax/shaping, FREE tanning services, FREE gym memberships, FREE make-up kits, FREE medical spa treatments, professional photo sessions, team clothing and apparel, and much MORE ….. team members are also paid for their time on game day, at many appearances, for travel/show tours, sales events and MORE! It works out to be a pretty great part-time job!